5 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Roof

Your Phoenix roof is not as simple and clear cut as you may think. There are many components to your roof, containing many layers of materials. The roof has to be designed just right, and all the proper materials have to be used, in order for the roof to perform properly. That’s why you should always hire an experienced and professional roofer in Mesa to perform your roof repair or re-roofing.

Here are five things you likely didn’t know about your Phoenix roof:

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Roof

Rain Can Penetrate from Different Angles

You might think that your property is safe as long as your roof is sealed from the top down. The rain comes from the sky, so it stands to reason that the water would penetrate from the top down. But that’s not actually the way the rain works. The wind can blow it around, causing it to come in from the side or even from underneath. Your roof must be sealed from all points to provide total protection for your property.

Get a Peoria roofing contractor thoroughly inspect your roof to find any points of weakness. Don’t wait until it rains and you have damage to your roof to find out there was a problem.

The Source of Leaks Can be Hard to Discover

You hear a drip splashing on your floor, and you look up to see a brownish or yellowish stain on your ceiling. You almost certainly think that there is a hole in the roof just above that spot. But that’s not the way leaks work. If there is a hole in the roof, or some area where the materials have degraded enough to let water inside, the water will seep through and then flow down with the pitch of the roof. The inside leak may not appear for many inches or even feet from the source.

You can look for the source of the leak yourself, but you’d be better off hiring a roofer serving Gilbert to do it for you. Experienced roofers know where to look and how best to find the source of leaks.

Roof Temperatures Can Get Very High

One of the functions of your roof is to keep your home cooler during the summer by providing an insulating layer. You may think that means that your roof stays somewhat cool. In fact, the roof is absorbing a lot of heat, and it can reach very high temperatures.

In a place like Phoenix, where the temperatures routinely hit the triple digits during the summer, it is essential that you choose a type of roofing that can withstand those high heats. You also need a roofing type that can offer maximum energy efficiency to protect your property and keep your electricity bills low.

Maintenance Costs Less than Repairs

Some people make the mistake of avoiding roof maintenance to save money. But, in the long run, they are actually costing themselves more money. Routine roof maintenance protects the health of the roof so that it doesn’t experience as many problems and won’t need as many repairs. Mesa Roof repair is going to cost much more than roof maintenance. Of course, the cost of a new roof is going to be exponentially more than maintenance, and a regular schedule of roof maintenance can extend the time between re-roofing.

Roofs Can Last a Lifetime

Many homeowners are resigned to having to invest in a new roof installation every 10 to 15 years. Some might invest in tile roofing or other types of tile known for lasting longer. However, you don’t have to commit to either spending an exorbitant amount of money on your roof or replacing every decade or so. Your roof can last a lifetime if it is the right material for your home and you maintain it properly.
Work with an experienced roofer in Queen Creek to choose the right type of roof for your property and to develop the right maintenance plan.

You don’t have to know these things about your roof. You don’t have to be an expert on your roof. That’s why you hire a Phoenix roofing contractor. Put your Phoenix roof in the hands of the professionals who are trained and experienced in caring for your roof.

Call Canyon State Roofing and Consulting in Phoenix to protect your property. A roofing contractor from our team can inspect your roof and give you detailed recommendations for the needed maintenance or roof repair. If you need a new roof, we can also make recommendations for a new roof installation that will fit your budget and give you the most benefits long-term. Call us today to learn more about your roofing options.

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