FREE ways to avoid premature Phoenix roof repairs!

The Important of Keeping Debris Off Your Phoenix Tile Roof Everyone likes to put their personal touch on on the homes they own. Paint color, flooring, etc. can be a fun way to put your personal stamp! Roofing, however, is another story. While roofing is a necessary component to keeping a home or building maintained, it isn’t nearly as fun as other decorative components, and nobody wants to spend their money prematurely! Here are a few tips that COST YOU NOTHING! to avoid a costly premature roof repair:

1. Clear and Clean Gutters

Get your gutters checked by Nashville gutter companies on a bi-monthly basis (more often if you have trees that drop debris nearby), and clear them of any debris so water can flow freely when it rains.

How to Keep Pigeon Droppings Off Your Phoenix Roof!

2. Free Roof of Debris

If you have trees that hang over the top of your roof, be sure to remove any debris and leaves at least a couple of times per year, especially after a Monsoon storm in Phoenix. Organic debris can become lodged in between tiles, or collect on top of a roof, trapping moisture for extended periods of time, and creating a biological attack on your roofing materials. This can prematurely age your roof, leaving the materials worn, dilapidated, and brittle, and prematurely damaged.

3. Cut tree branches that are hanging on your roof

Branches can not only drop leaves as we described above, but also low-hanging branches can rub against the roof, knocking off granuals, break tiles, and wear holes in your roof. Also, branches that break during a storm can cause damage to your Phoenix roof, for this reason is important that you look for the help of the professionals from tree trimming & tree removal.

4. Check for Pests

Insect and rodent infestations should be removed immediately to protect your Phoenix roof from premature damages.

5. Check for Pigeons:

Pigeon droppings can eat through roofing materials very quickly. Any droppings that are found should be immediately rinsed away, and pigeon spikes should be installed (Okay, so the pigeon spikes aren’t free. But they are well worth it!).

If you feel your roof may be in need of a repair, we highly suggest contacting a licensed roofing contractor that has experience in your particular roofing system. Inexperienced or unlicensed contractors, even if they have good intentions, can do more harm than good on a roof. Walking on fragile tiles the wrong way can easily break tiles, which can pierce the underlayment. Uncompatable tars or other coatings can completely ruin a foam roof. Shingles that are not fastened correctly could lift and blow away during a storm. These are just a small handful of situations that can occur when dealing with an unlicensed contractor. Check with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, or the Arizona Roofing Contractors Association for a list of qualified contractors in your neighborhood.

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