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Rolled Roofing is Illegal on most flat decks!

Arizona Roofing Code Does NOT allow for rolled roofing to be applied to flat roofs

Many Arizona homes were built using rolled roofing as an acceptable roofing system on flat roofs.  Most commonly, this type of inferior system was used on patio roofs.

It is a little known fact that code does NOT allow for this.  R905.5.2 states: “Deck slope  Mineral surfaced roll roofing shall NOT be applied on roof slopes below one unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (8-percent slope)”.  In laymen’s terms: Rolled roofing does not meet code for flat decks.

Many home builders, and other contractors used rolled roofing when building homes, or remodeling, because it is significantly cheaper to apply, and cheaper to purchase. However, the proper type of roofing system is Modified Bitumen (or also known as peel and stick).  Modified bitumen is a much more durable, long lasting roofing system.

Well meaning but misinformed insurance adjusters may also allow for rolled roofing when writing their scopes of work for an insurance claim. This keeps costs down for insurance companies. However, it is illegal for insurance companies to force a homeowner to apply a roofing system that is against code, EVEN IF THAT SAME SYSTEM WAS ON THE ROOF TO BEGIN WITH.

They must pay for a proper installation of Modified Bitumen to replace the old roof. Many times, the cost to do this is more than double what rolled roofing would have cost. Therefore, many insurance adjusters will attempt to slip rolled roofing into the scope of work instead of the proper material.

Don’t let this happen to you!  Knowledge and education is power!  Canyon State Roofing has been in the roofing business for more than 30 years.  Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation about your next roofing project.

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