What’s That Sound? Noises Your Roof Makes and How to Deal with Them

Your house likely makes a lot of noise. You may hear creaks and groans and even strange whooshes. You may hear them during the day or in the middle of the night. Often, these noises don’t mean anything. They are just a normal part of the house shifting and settling. However, you should still pay attention to the noises since they could indicate a larger problem.

Your roof can make noises, as well. Here are some of the common noises you might hear your roof making with some information about what’s behind the noises:

Moisture Evaporating

New construction materials usually have not been given the proper time to dry out. The lumber usually still has moisture inside it. If you moved into a new home or you have recently had renovations done to your home – or a new roof installed – you may have fresh lumber in your roof. When that moisture starts to dry out, the wood will creak.

You don’t need to do anything if the trouble is only that moisture is drying out of your wood or that your house is still settling. However, you should contact a qualified roofer in Phoenix to be sure that there is no other issue present.

HVAC System

Many homes have an HVAC unit attached to their roof, or they have ductwork running through their attic. You can find more here– information about the right ways of installation of HVAC systems and maintaining the same. The movement of the system, the different mechanizations, and even the changing temperature and moisture levels around the system can cause noises from your roof. What one can do to keep the noises down is keep the ducts clean by hiring an Austin Duct Cleaning professional.

If you hear these noises, you should talk to a Phoenix roofer or an HVAC specialist. If your HVAC system malfunctions, it could dump water into your roof area, or it could allow unhealthy moisture levels to build up.

Outside Temperature

Temperatures can change rapidly in the Phoenix area. It can be blazing hot outside, causing you to run the air conditioner, and a within a few weeks, it can be so cold that you have to turn on the heater, you can check out Power Mechanical to supply power for all of these appliances. All those temperature changes can be manged with ac repair houston tx which can help the materials in your roof to expand and contract, which can keep the roof comfortable. Again, if you hear any of these noises, it’s best to check in with a Phoenix roofer. A professional can let you know if the noises are the result of any issues or just because of temperature changes. It could be that the extreme temperatures have also caused damage to your roof that needs to be repaired.


Any number of things can lead to leaks, such as the breakdown of roofing materials in the hot sun, a branch breaking or knocking loose some shingles or tiles, or just the natural aging process. Often, leaks can be silent. You only notice they are there because there’s a yellow or brown stain on your ceiling. But sometimes, you can hear a lot of strange noises because of leaks, such as a trickle or plop.

If you suspect a leak, call in a residential roofing shelby expert as soon as possible. Any amount of time that a leak is left untended can result in serious damage to the materials in your home, which can result in costly repairs.

Often, noises in your home are not cause for concern. They’re just the result of the weather, natural shifting in the house, and temperature changes. But you should pay attention to the noises and talk to a roofer about what you hear. You may need a roof inspection in Phoenix to confirm that nothing more serious is going on that could further damage your roof and your home.

Call Canyon State Roofing if you hear these or other strange noises coming from your roof. Our experienced roofers in Phoenix will perform an inspection to determine if a problem exists and what the root of the problem is. We’ll then perform quick roofing repair to ensure that your roof is strong and healthy again. We’ll also provide recommendations to protect your roof against the same kind of problems in the future. We perform routine inspections to ensure that there are no lingering issues with your roof, and we offer energy efficiency upgrades, as well. Contact us in Phoenix today to schedule an inspection or a roof repair.

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