Canyon State Roofing & Consulting is a top rated residential roofing contractor in Arizona. Our trained team will work with you no matter your roofing system. We work with a variety of roof types and even do roofing replacements, repairs, and energy efficient upgrades. In addition, our expert roofing crews serve all types of residences, from 1 to 3 story residences, town homes, apartment complexes, private homes, condos, and more. As well, our roofing contractors serve all of the Phoenix Metro areas: Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, Surprise, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Fountain Hills, Apache Junction, Sun City, and any other cities surrounding Phoenix Valley areas. We want to secure your home for the many different harsh weather and storms in Arizona.

If you are in need of a new roof or a repair, Canyon State Roofing & Consulting will gladly be there to help you. Speak with a trained residential roofing consultant today, call our main office at 602-400-1635.


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Are you tired of the word Haboob? Is more and more of your roof falling off with each monsoon storm that passes through? You may be in need of professional roofing services to repair your roof from storm or leak damage.

Canyon State Roofing’s phones are open 24/7.  When you call, a member of our team is there to answer.  We guarantee top quality roofing emergency service within 4 hours of when you contact us. We are committed to the best possible service because we know you have a choice in which roofing contractor in Arizona you hire.

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Canyon State Roofing has been providing top notch roofing services to the greater Phoenix area for years. Our goal is to educate our customers and make sure they know exactly what they are getting when they hire us for roof repair or roof installation services. We are family owned and operated and we take extra care to ensure that each job we do is finished to completion and lives up to the highest quality standard we can provide as a top rated Phoenix roofing company. View our video to see what you can expect from our experienced crew . Also visit us online to learn more about the roofing services we offer
I am Jim McLean I’m with Canyon State Roofing. Today I want to talk about tile roofs why some fail and ours don’t. The three most common types of tile roofing in Arizona are clay, sandcast and concrete. Today we’ll talk about concrete. Probably the most common tile in the Southwest this is a typical residential roof that my company works on. Now I’ll show you some details that we found are the cause of premature failing here’s what’s your tile looks like up close. [Continue watching the video]
Hi my name is Jim McLain. I’m with Canyon State Roofing. I’ve been roofing in Arizona since 1982 and I truly know it better way. My company’s mission is to educate our customers.

We give them all the facts. We give them all the information they need to make an educated choice. From your first phone call through the project and through your warranty period, you will realize that Canyon State Roofing lives by our core values. I’ve installed every roofing material on the market, and I’ve seen a lot a roofs fail.

That’s why I chose to showcase Duro-Last roofing, the world’s best roof. Today we are installing a Duro-Last PVC roof on this warehouse. Duro-Last is a PVC membrane that is manufactured with plasticizers and algaecides.

It eliminates the chance for biological attack, caused by dirt and debris, moisture, and often times the salt from evaporative coolers, which prematurely destroys other roofing materials. It’s manufacturing process includes a polyester scrim.

Duro-Last scrim has a unique weave which makes it virtually tear proof. Since the sheets on this project are custom pre-fabricated, the sheets need to be stretched to ensure a smooth application. In this case, the sheets are 20 feet wide and 100 feet long.

Here we are using a grip pull to pull out wrinkles in the sheets. A grip pull is used to pull the sheets to pull the wrinkles out and then they are mechanically fasted through the insulation, and into the plywood substrate. The quantity and location of each fastener is determined by engineers at Duro-Last. The engineers at Duro-Last take into consideration the building height, size, substrate, and parapet wall height.

The manufacturing process back at the Duro-Last plant allows us to create up to 2500 square foot sheets. This allows for huge savings on labor costs, because field seams are minimized. This is just one reason why Duro-Last is better than the rest.

All the seams are hot air welded. This is a computerized walking welder, which minimizes the chance of error while welding, and maximizes production. Duro-Last does not use adhesives.

The hot air welder is melting the two sheets together, creating a monolithic surface. This process eliminates the need for adhesives that other manufacturers use, which have been proven to break down over time. Call Canyon State Roofing today at 602-400-1635. Lets see if a Duro-Last PVC roof is the best choice for your roofing project. Thank you for watching!

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jim-mclain-owner-of-canyon-state-roofing-estimating-a-roofThank you for considering Canyon State Roofing & Consulting in Arizona! With over 20 years in business and a long list of happy customers, our company has earned an incredibly positive reputation among Phoenix Valley homeowners. Canyon State Roofing is an affordable roofing company, backed by airtight warranties, great customer service, quality craftsmanship & quality materials.

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