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Single Ply Duro-Last Roofing

Canyon State Roofng's Duro-Last Crew

Canyon State Roofng’s Duro-Last Crew

We love this stuff.  It stands up to the test of time, and it is environmentally friendly. Canyon State Roofing is Arizona’s premier single ply roofing installer. There are very few contractors in the Phoenix area that are certified to install Duro-Last, and we are THE go-to contractor for the tough jobs.

Duro-Last is our preferred manufacturer for flat roofing. As many commercial properties have flat roofing, Duro-Last has become a popular choice for commercial property managers and owners for new roof installations.

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    1.Durability – Just like it’s name implies, Duro-Last has been a proven leader in the low-slope roofing industry for 30+ years. Bird pecks, UV rays, foot traffic, clumsy a/c techs, and most any other typical roof destroyers don’t stand a chance against the life-long durability that Duro-Last has to offer.

    2. Zero Maintenance – Duro Last never needs to be recoated, touched up, or resealed throughout the entire life of the roof.

    3. Long term cost over time – Because of it’s “zero maintenance” condition, over time, Duro-Last will cost far less over the life of the roof than other typical low slope roofing applications. For example, a typical foam roof has to be re-coated AT LEAST every 5 -10 years (although some coating manufactures will CLAIM they have a “30 year warranty”, if you read the fine print, that warranty will not completely protect the customer in the event of a coating failure).

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    4. Warranty – Duro-Last offer up to a 20 year warranty ON BOTH MATERIALS AND LABOR. You read that correctly: A 20 YEAR WORKMANSHIP (LABOR) WARRANTY. This, combined with the ZERO MAINTENANCE attribute, makes this application a winner, hands down. Remember, a warranty is only as good as the fine print. And a Duro-Last Warranty is a TRUE 100% “Bumper to Bumper” NO DOLLAR LIMIT!! warranty.

    5. Ease of installation– This means more money in your pocket because labor costs are generally lower for single ply roofing vs other flat roofing systems. Also, Duro-Last requires their own hired inspector to personally inspect each and every roof that is installed with their product. Certified Duro-Last roofing contractors get graded on roofs they install when the inspector comes out to check our work. This ensures your new Duro-Last roof was installed exactly as the manufacturer intended, and guarantees the protection your structure deserves. Unlike most other roofing materials, which are distributed to most anybody who has a few dollars, Duro-Last hand picks a select few certified installers. Only these installers are able to purchase their materials.

    Hi my name is Jim McLain. I’m with Canyon State Roofing. I’ve been roofing in Arizona since 1982 and I truly know it better way. My company’s mission is to educate our customers.

    We give them all the facts. We give them all the information they need to make an educated choice. From your first phone call through the project and through your warranty period, you will realize that Canyon State Roofing lives by our core values. I’ve installed every roofing material on the market, and I’ve seen a lot a roofs fail.

    That’s why I chose to showcase Duro-Last roofing, the world’s best roof. Today we are installing a Duro-Last PVC roof on this warehouse. Duro-Last is a PVC membrane that is manufactured with plasticizers and algaecides.

    It eliminates the chance for biological attack, caused by dirt and debris, moisture, and often times the salt from evaporative coolers, which prematurely destroys other roofing materials. It’s manufacturing process includes a polyester scrim.

    Duro-Last scrim has a unique weave which makes it virtually tear proof. Since the sheets on this project are custom pre-fabricated, the sheets need to be stretched to ensure a smooth application. In this case, the sheets are 20 feet wide and 100 feet long.

    Here we are using a grip pull to pull out wrinkles in the sheets. A grip pull is used to pull the sheets to pull the wrinkles out and then they are mechanically fasted through the insulation, and into the plywood substrate. The quantity and location of each fastener is determined by engineers at Duro-Last. The engineers at Duro-Last take into consideration the building height, size, substrate, and parapet wall height.

    The manufacturing process back at the Duro-Last plant allows us to create up to 2500 square foot sheets. This allows for huge savings on labor costs, because field seams are minimized. This is just one reason why Duro-Last is better than the rest.

    All the seams are hot air welded. This is a computerized walking welder, which minimizes the chance of error while welding, and maximizes production. Duro-Last does not use adhesives.

    The hot air welder is melting the two sheets together, creating a monolithic surface. This process eliminates the need for adhesives that other manufacturers use, which have been proven to break down over time. Call Canyon State Roofing today at 602-400-1635. Lets see if a Duro-Last PVC roof is the best choice for your roofing project. Thank you for watching!

    6. Highest continuous reflectivity This helps to decrease cooling costs with your Phoenix roof!

    7. Lightweight- Because of it’s lightweight state, Duro-Last can be installed directly over your old roof. This saves on major roof removal costs, and also cuts down on dump fees, and is generally better for your structure, because you can retain any existing “R-value” your old roof has. This helps with heating and cooling costs as well.

    8. Higher resistance to hail than foam

    Duro-Last Crew in Phoenix, AZ

    Duro-Last Crew in Phoenix, AZ

    9. Green roofing material Duro-Last is manufactured to help decrease the energy costs of your structure. The high-performance roofing minimizes the impact on the Earth’s environment throughout the roof’s life and helps maintain a healthy, productive environment inside the building. Duro-Last is also a preferred roofing material for Solar Systems. It is ideal for rooftop photovoltaic installations. Prefabricated flashings help ensure watertight coverage for roof-penetrating support structures. Duro-Last roofing is “SOLAR READY”.

    10. Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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    Canyon State Roofing & Consulting is dedicated to providing the best roofing services, materials, warranties, and customer service on the market.

    “I can’t thank you enough for getting my roof fixed”

    “Your immediate response saved me from even more damage to the kitchen cabinets and the sheet rock. You are all wonderful to work with and very caring. I can’t remember the last time I worked with a contractor who provided such great service. I felt like you were taking care of me instead of just running a business. You made me feel like you knew what it was like to wake up to it pouring down rain INSIDE my house. Thank you so very much. I look forward to working with all of you again real soon.” – Debbie C.

    Five star rated roofing company in Phoenix, Arizona

    If you are looking for a trustworthy and qualified contractor, then look no further. Jim was prompt, courteous and actually cared about our needs. His scheduler, Robyn, kept us informed about the status of repairs throughout the job. She never seemed to mind when I called to check on the status. Their crew showed up exactly as scheduled. Our entire experience was extremely positive. You must be proud to have individuals on your team who truly care about the customer experience and the integrity of your company. I will not hesitate to recommend your work to others. Thank you for a job well done!
    Anonymous, Gilbert
    Canyon State Roofing is a company that keeps its word and one that you can trust. I appreciated the attention to detail and the follow-up for the work done on my home to make sure I was satisfied. All was kept clean and tidy even during the application of the roof. Thank you.
    Lee Decker, Phoenix
    Everyone was professional and courteous. I was involved and consulted with decisions about the repairs.
    Patricia Stanley, Mesa
    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for taking the time to come up with real solutions for the roof on my building. I had 3 other bids from other roofers, ranging from $15,000- $80,000. But none of them were actually FIXING the original problem! After I was referred to you from a friend, I finally felt that you came up with a REAL solution, and I know the building will not have water coming in when it rains. Your installers were neat and friendly, and everyone in your company was super helpful. My phone calls and emails were always promptly returned, and your contract was easily understandable and very straightforward. THANK YOU for turning my nightmareish leaky roof into a great investment!
    Marc, Peoria

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