10 Quick Steps to Setting Up an Extension Ladder Properly

Climbing a ladder can be a little nerve-racking if you are not used to it, and especially if you are afraid of heights. Roofers climb ladders everyday-several times per day. Here is a step-by-step quick ladder guide to keep you safe from work related injuries:

1. Find a dry, hard spot on the ground to set the ladder feet on.  Make sure the area is free of debris.  Don’t set it on a tarp or other surface that can be slippery.

2. Find a level spot on the ground, or use ladder levelers to keep it level.  Check above you to be sure there are no overhead power lines or wires.

3. Place the feet of the ladder at a distance of ¼ the height of the ladder away from the building. In other words, if the ladder is 8 feet tall, place the bottom of the ladder 2 feet away from the building.  If the ladder is 12 feet tall, place the bottom 3 feet from the building.

4. Make sure your ladder isn’t too  close to the edge of the building.

5. If you are climbing onto a roof, extend the ladder 3 feet above the surface you are climbing onto.

6. If you have a gutter, slip a 2 x 4 into it to keep it from being crushed by the ladder.

7. Check the rope and pully to make sure both are not damaged and are in tact.

8. Place the rung locks on the rungs, and tie the rope onto a lower rung.

9. Keep the rungs clean.

10. Wear proper footwear, and be sure soles of footwear are free of debris. Find some good ones on shoe hero.

Canyon State Roofing & Consulting holds multiple safety meetings each year for our crews and salespersons.  One of the biggest hazards for our employees is climbing ladders. If you sustained an injury on another person’s property that could have been prevented, contact the slip and fall attorney in las vegas at Richard Harris Personal Injury Law Firm. Therefore, we have made it mandatory that each of our employees be properly trained in ladder safety before they ever set foot on a ladder on a jobsite.  Of course, we want our customers to be equally safe. We hope this simple article helps keep you and yours safe, as well!  Thank you fore considering Canyon State Roofing!

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