What to do if your  roofing contractor is giving you problems.

So it’s time to replace your roofing system. You  found a contractor that charges you a great price and you signed on the dotted line. 2 months later, your project  that they promised would take “1 week to complete” isn’t done, or there is shoddy workmanship!  Here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from poor contractors:

Contact Canyon State Roofing1. A simple call to the contractor’s office and asking to speak with a manager may do the trick.  When you call, be calm and rational. A lot of emotion is tied into your beloved home and this project. But remember, the person on the other line may have no clue there was a problem before you contacted them.  Be ready to give the employee your contract number, the jobsite address, and your salesperson’s name. Explain exactly what the problem is, and exactly how you would like the Company to solve it.

2. If you are not satisfied with your phone call to the contractor, ask them for a jobsite inspection.  If your project is halfway done and you have workmanship concerns, NOW is the time to bring up your concerns.  Don’t wait until the end to complain – this will just cause you more frustration on your part and wasted time.  A good contractor will listen carefully to your concerns, and lay out a specific plan on how they plan to address your concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask for a manager to meet you at your home the next day.  Contractors do this for their customers all the time.  Canyon State Roofing Ladder

3. Better Business Bureau has rated our business A+If you have problems with your contract, or if your Phoenix contractor is not being cooperative, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  The BBB is there for exactly this type of situation, and best of all, it is free for consumers!  The BBB will contact the contractor, free of charge, in an attempt to resolve the situation satisfactorily between all parties.  Most contractors will respond right away to BBB complaints, and do everything they can to make their customer happy, as they want to protect their good rating. An unanswered BBB complaint automatically brings down a contractor’s score significantly.

yelp-five-star-review-rating-az4. Post a review about your experience.  Many ratings sites such as yelp or merchantcircle notify businesses when a review is posted about them.  This may be enough for the business to contact you to find a way to fix the situation.

5. Finally, if all else fails, you can file a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors.  Now this step is a big deal.  The penalties to a contractor are severe for shoddy workmanship or breach of contract.  Make sure you have all your ducks in a row and be sure that you have done all the above steps BEFORE you contact the ROC, as they will ask you what you have done to resolve the situation before you contacted them. ROC complaints can take many months to respond to, and even longer to resolve, so it may be in your best interest to start with the above suggestions before you file an ROC compliant.  However, do not be afraid to use this tool if all else fails.

Canyon State Roofing employees pride themselves on excellent customer service.  We are very proud of our reputation.  We have never had a BBB complaint, 5 star rating on Yelp and Google, and we have a very long list of happy customers.  If your roofing contractor is giving you problems, feel free to contact us for expert advice.  We are happy to give you a complimentary jobsite survey if you are concerned your current contractor is not completing your project correctly. Give us a call now!