Roof Hail Damage

Your insurance company will still cover 100% of the cost of your new roof.

Canyon State Roofing has independent insurance adjusters on staff to represent your interests. We are offer this as a complimentary service for our customers.  Below are some common questions we are asked when dealing with this storm:

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1. Are you ripping off my insurance company?

arizona hail

No. No roofing company can convince an insurance company to pay for damage that doesn’t exist. Your insurer will send out their own representative to inspect your roof to determine if there is damage.

2. What is the easiest way to handle my insurance claim?

The insured (you) need to seriously consider having YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL to represent your interests when the insurance company sends out their rep. Remember, while insurance companies are obligated by law honor their contracts with you, they don’t necessarily let go of their money very easily.  A lot of headaches can be avoided if you have your chosen contractor present at the initial meeting with your insurance adjuster.  We can walk the roof together with the adjuster and point out the damage, and come to an agreement with them on what the costs will be for your hail damage roof repair. The claims process usually goes very smoothly when we are present at the initial meeting.

3. Will my insurance policy premium increase?  Will they cancel me?…….

No. Your insruance rates are not affected by filing a claim for hail damage. It is covered under the terms of your policy. Hail damage is deemed an “Act of God”.

4. What does the damage look like?

On foam roofs, it almost looks like someone took a hammer and banged thousands of dents into the foam. This allows for the foam to be exposed to sunlight and moisture, which will lead to a big sponge that traps water, and will cause premature deterioration and possible mold growth in the future. Sometimes, it cannot be seen by just your regular homeowner who climbs up on a roof to see if his Arizona roof has hail damage. On shingle roofs, the hail knocks off the protective granules on the shingles, leaving them susceptible to UV rays and premature Phoenix roof deterioration. On Tile roofs, the hail hit hard enough to actually break some tiles.  The sharp edges of the broken tiles can then penetrate the roof underpayment, leaving the roof vulnerable to moisture, and premature deterioration.  This can lead to roof leaks in the future.

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    5. Your estimate is more than what my insurance company gave me. What do I do now?

    Hail damage on a foam roof in Goodyear, Arizona
    If this happens to you, chances are you did not have a contractor present to represent your interests when the insurance adjuster made is initial visit.  Usually, your contractor can submit his estimate to the insurance company directly. Insurance adjusters are usually not professional roofers.  They inspect all sorts of claim damage (floods, fires, smoke damage, etc.) And generally, they will miss standard details that are required to fix your roof. This costs money, and the insurance company is required to pay for these details (such as painting the facia, replacing vents, pipe jacks, etc).  There is a national standard price list that predetermines the costs of these things. It is all compiled together in a software program called Xactimate, which all insurance companies use, and most professional Gilbert roofing contractors should have this program as well. The problem is, many insurance adjusters miss these details all together, and the average homeowner does not know to include these details. So when they get their claim settlement, the homeowner has no idea they did not get enough money to complete the project properly.  This is why it is important to have your contractor represent you and deal with your insurance company directly.
    Hail damage on a foam roof in Goodyear, Arizona

    6.What is the process of filing a claim?

    We firmly believe the BEST way to handle the claims process is to have us handle the whole claim for you. We can even call your insurance company for you to file the claim. We can meet the insurance adjuster at your house and point out the damage. However, if you have already filed a claim, and met with your insurance adjuster yourself, it is not too late. We can take a look at your adjuster’s scope and file for a supplement if there are items the adjuster missed.  Sometimes, we can even do the project for LESS than the amount of the check your insurance company gave you.

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    “Your immediate response saved me from even more damage to the kitchen cabinets and the sheet rock. You are all wonderful to work with and very caring. I can’t remember the last time I worked with a contractor who provided such great service. I felt like you were taking care of me instead of just running a business. You made me feel like you knew what it was like to wake up to it pouring down rain INSIDE my house. Thank you so very much. I look forward to working with all of you again real soon.” – Debbie C.

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    If you are looking for a trustworthy and qualified contractor, then look no further. Jim was prompt, courteous and actually cared about our needs. His scheduler, Robyn, kept us informed about the status of repairs throughout the job. She never seemed to mind when I called to check on the status. Their crew showed up exactly as scheduled. Our entire experience was extremely positive. You must be proud to have individuals on your team who truly care about the customer experience and the integrity of your company. I will not hesitate to recommend your work to others. Thank you for a job well done!
    Anonymous, Gilbert
    Canyon State Roofing is a company that keeps its word and one that you can trust. I appreciated the attention to detail and the follow-up for the work done on my home to make sure I was satisfied. All was kept clean and tidy even during the application of the roof. Thank you.
    Lee Decker, Phoenix
    Everyone was professional and courteous. I was involved and consulted with decisions about the repairs.
    Patricia Stanley, Mesa
    Dear Jim,
    Thank you for taking the time to come up with real solutions for the roof on my building. I had 3 other bids from other roofers, ranging from $15,000- $80,000. But none of them were actually FIXING the original problem! After I was referred to you from a friend, I finally felt that you came up with a REAL solution, and I know the building will not have water coming in when it rains. Your installers were neat and friendly, and everyone in your company was super helpful. My phone calls and emails were always promptly returned, and your contract was easily understandable and very straightforward. THANK YOU for turning my nightmareish leaky roof into a great investment!
    Marc, Peoria

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