How to Match Your Roof Tiles

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Repairing A Tile Roof

Tile roofing is a popular choice for Arizona properties since it has a beautiful look, can stand up to heavy rains, and offers some great insulation. But tile is not immune to damage, and it can easily be cracked by a fallen tree branch or blown off by a strong wind.

When you need roof repair for your tile roof, it is critical that you call an experienced and highly qualified roofing contractor in Ahwatukee to do the work because matching tile requires extensive knowledge and precision. You can’t just look for the right color. You have to consider the material, manufacturer, style, color and more.

Close-up view of terracotta roof tiles on a residential house, with a chimney in the background and a skylight integrated into the roofing

Here are some things that need to be considered when matching roofing tiles:

Tile Manufacturers

Every roof tile manufacturer uses a different process for creating the tile, as well as different materials. Each of the choices used in manufacture can affect the look and functionality of the tile. It is important that we first identify the manufacturer of the tile, if possible, before we can move forward in the selection process.

Some roof tile manufacturers include:

  • Eagle Roofing Products: Eagle makes several types of tile, including concrete and those that emulate the look of slate and wood shake. The company has dozens of tile types that all have different shapes, profiles, textures and colors.
  • Boral Tile Roofing: Boral is another great choice for roofing tiles. Boral has the largest variety of color choices for clay roofing tiles in the nation, anywhere from traditional mission style barrel roofing tiles to wood shake roofing tiles.
  • EcoStar: This manufacturer specializes in sustainable roofing materials. The company creates tile roofing of composite slate and shake and of recycled rubber and plastic. The recycled and composite materials change the look and weight of the tiles, so these need to be matched with other tiles from the same manufacturer.
  • Crown Roof Tile: Crown is another popular roofing company that offers tile in a variety of looks, ranging from high-barrel Mediterranean style tile to flat tile with the look of slate.
  • TruSlate: This company creates high-quality slate tile for all types of roofs, including those with steep slopes.
    There are dozens more roof tile manufacturers, and they all have a different style. If your roofing contractor is able to identify the manufacturer of the tile, that will significantly narrow the search. The contractor can then look back at older catalogs to find the perfect match (if it’s still available).

matching style of the roof tilesTile Styles

The profile of roof tile has a big impact on its overall style. The most popular roof tile has a raised barrel, or a rounded shape with flat edges. High-barrel tile has a classic look that you might find in Mediterranean- and Spanish-inspired architecture. Lower barrels are available, as are completely flat tiles. It is important to match this profile exactly when replacing tile to ensure a tight fit and proper protection for the roof.
Tile can also be smooth or textured, which doesn’t typically affect the functionality but does greatly impact the look. You may be able to find tile with the same color and profile, but if it has different texture, it will stand out like a sore thumb on your roof – especially if you are replacing several tiles. The tile needs to be matched exactly to maintain the right look.

Tile Color

matching color of the roof tilesColor is important to matching the look of tile, and you may be surprised at how many variations there are for color. Not only are there different shades, but some tile features several colors in gradations. Multiple colors on one tile can create a more interesting look with depth, but it can also make it harder to match the tile.

Typically, determining the manufacturer is the best way to get a color match. If that’s not possible, your roofing contractor will do everything possible to get the closest color match.

Materials Used

Numerous materials are used to make tile, including concrete, clay, slate, and even plastic and rubber. Each of these materials has a different look and will affect the way the tile functions. You cannot replace clay tile with a composite tile, nor can you replace slate with concrete. Putting together tiles with different materials can create an uneven look for your roof and can leave your roof vulnerable at points. The tiles may not join well, creating opportunities for leaks or undermining the energy efficiency.

matching materials on the roof tilesYou must use the same materials when replacing tile, or you should consider a new roof installation if the original material is too expensive or difficult to replace.

Country of Origin

Some roof tile is made in other countries. It can be very difficult to replace older tile that was made by an overseas manufacturer, you’d have to consult with a residential roof replacement company to see if they have the necessary materials. You have to deal with tracking down the right tile, and then making international calls to people who may not speak the same language or trying to maneuver a website that may not be in the same language. Special orders can take months, and you have to contend with customs and international taxes.

Matching tile is not simple, and that’s why it is so important to work with a roofing contractor who has extensive experience and professional credentials. If the tile is not matched correctly, your roof can be vulnerable to the elements and the look of your home can be compromised.

Canyon State Roofing and Consulting in Arizona is Tile Roofing Institute Certified, so you can trust that the roofers helping to match the tile on your property know what they are doing. They have been at this for years, and they have been recognized in the industry for their superior training and workmanship. Each of our crew members are also OSHA trained for optimal safety. A roofing contractor from our team can help you with all your tile roofing needs, whether you are trying to match tile for tile roofing roof repair in Ahwatukee or you are interested in new roof installation. We also offer tile R&R, which is removal and replacement. The tile can be completely removed to repair underlying issues with the decking or other materials, and then the tile is replaced. Call us today to learn more about tile R&R or to discuss your other tile roofing needs in Arizona.

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