Commercial Foam Roofing

AZ commercial foam roofing with waste damage

Our roof techs found an excessive amount of pigeon waste on top of this foam roof. The chemicals in that waste actually eats right through the protective elastomeric coating on the roof, damaging it. It now needs to be completely replaced.

In the 1990’s, this type of roof was very popular for its insulation capabilities and ability to solve transitional problems between incompatible roofing materials.  It is a seamless roofing system.

Pros:It has an insulation value of R7 per inch, and it is a quick installation.

Cons: It requires a recoat every 5 -7 years, birds can peck holes into it easily, exposing the foam and speeding deterioration, it is easily susceptible to hail damage.  All in all, we give this type of roof system a 5 out of 10 stars.

Example of a badly damaged foam roofing system

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