Canyon State Roofing provides a variety of roofing services to business owners, property managers, and home owners throughout the Phoenix Valley. Our highly-experienced roofing contractors can provide your home with leak repairs, roof replacement, annual maintenance, and many other services. Whether you need services or a replacement for a foam roof, tile roof, seam metal roof, or flat roof, our reputable local roofing company can provide your home or business with the security it needs.
The Canyon State Roofing difference is that we are not just Tile Roofing Institute Certified roofers, but we are waterproofers. Because we are natives of Arizona, and our management team has been in the business for more than 3 decades, we understand Arizona construction from the bottom up. Our unique desert construction materials and techniques are very different from other parts of the country, and therefore, our buildings require special roofing techniques to match the structural engineering of the building. Arizona stucco is porous, and absorbs water. If there is not a proper outlet for rain, many times, a leak in a building may APPEAR to be a roof leak to an untrained eye. However, it may very well be that the walls that are leaking. In this case, you should consider contacting a professional roofing contracting company.
Top Roofing Services that Canyon State Roofing Offers
Premier Phoenix Arizona roofing services for your home by Canyon State

This simple, yet extremely important skill can save a building owner THOUSANDS of dollars.  Too many times, we have heard a story of an owner spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new roof, just to have the building leak once again upon the next rain.  Turns out, it was the walls that were leaking the whole time, and the building owner has now paid for a new roof prematurely, and worse, the original problem is still not fixed.

Avoid this extremely costly mistake by contacting one of our representatives today. Our quality Phoenix roofing services encompass all aspects of roofing and waterproofing in our unique desert climate. Our reputation for honesty and integrity will help you rest assured that you are having the right work performed on your building, and your goals are being met.

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