3 Symptoms of an Impending Roof Catastrophe

Your roof could look fine, but that doesn’t mean it is fine. If you don’t know the signs to look for, you could easily have a roofing catastrophe on your hands seemingly out of nowhere. You’ll have an unpleasant surprise that might involve water pouring through your roof or the news that you need a new roof installation – followed by major roof repair or replacement bills.

Getting a yearly inspection from a trusted roofing contractor can help you avoid such a fate, but you also need to be proactive in monitoring your roof throughout the year. Monitoring your roof’s health can help you identify signs of a problem earlier so that your repairs around Arizona can be kept to a minimum and the life of your roof can be extended. Here are three symptoms you need to be alert to so you can avoid a roofing catastrophe:

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Standing Water

Your roof should have been designed with the appropriate pitch, redirect to Gutterilla to learn the right angle height and to send water running off the property and to the gutters. The wrong pitch can cause water to pool on your roof. If you have a flat roof, it should have other measures in place to funnel away water, and it should be made of materials that can withstand water damage.

Most residential roofs through the Valley are covered in shingle or tile. Any standing water can weaken those materials. Over time, the materials may come loose, the underlayment and subdecking may begin to rot, and you may have a massive leak or an outright hole in your roof.

Take a look at your roof after it has rained. If you see water gathered in any spot on your roof call a roofing contractor right away.


Any kind of leak can be bad news for your roof and your home. Water is benign, but given enough time, it can cause major damage which is why you need to start to look for the best local options. Just think about all those amazing canyons that have been carved out in the west by years of water coursing through the rock. The same can happen to your roof! (But we hope you would act long before it became a huge problem.)

Even small leaks allow water to penetrate your roof and your home, which can cause the surrounding materials to weaken and rot. The opening widens, and more water gets in, causing more damage. Don’t let that cycle continue! If your property has metal roofs, call a metal roof repair company as soon as you notice the signs of a leak, including yellow or brown stains on your ceiling or walls.

Poor Workmanship

This is an area where you might have a harder time recognizing that there’s a problem. You’re not a roofing expert, so how are you supposed to know that your roof was installed or repaired with poor workmanship? You’re unlikely to know this until you do have a major catastrophe on your hands and the roofer tells you that it was the result of poor workmanship.

You can find out the roofing company that performed the work on your property before you moved in and do a little research. If you find that the company has a reputation for poor workmanship, you can call in another roofing contractor to do a preemptory inspection before you start experiencing problems.

Roof repair in Arizona can cost a lot of money, and a new roof installation will cost even more. Keep an eye out for these signs that you could experience a problem so you can deal with them before they lead to more damage. Getting yearly roofing inspections will also help you to head off catastrophe and ensure that your roof has a long and healthy life.

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