A Complete & Essential Guide To Maintain An Asphalt Shingle Roof In Arizona

Understanding The Importance Of Keeping Your Asphalt Roof Maintained

Most homeowners know that it’s important to maintain their asphalt roof, but not very many actually do it. As a leading Queen Creek roofing company, we know how vital it is to maintain your roof even when it seems to be working well so you can protect your investment and increase your roof’s longevity. Alleviate the mystery of asphalt roof maintenance with this complete guide.

Understanding The Importance Of Keeping Your Asphalt Roof Maintained In Arizona

Asphalt Shingle Roofs 101

As the most popular roofing material throughout the United States, asphalt shingles provide an economical and durable option with an expected lifespan of 15-30 years. This average varies depending on the weather conditions, material quality, ventilation efficiency, the installer’s skill level, and other factors. 

Whenever your home faces harsh weather conditions, whether it’s blazing hot sun, hurricanes, or extreme cold, your asphalt shingles suffer a bit of damage. Quality roofing materials have increased durability over cheap materials and will be able to withstand these harsh conditions much better. But over time, all roofs will begin to show wear and will need maintenance in order to continue protecting your home. 

Asphalt shingle roof maintenance can be divided into two basic categories: inspection and repair. A regular and thorough roofing inspection from Mesa roof repair will prevent premature roof replacement and minimize the cost of repairs by taking care of small problems before they become big issues. 

Your Guide To Asphalt Shingle Roof Maintenance

At its core, roof maintenance is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require many specialized tools. Although an experienced Queen Creek roofing company will be needed to perform repairs, the average homeowner can take care of the basics.

Keep The Roof Clean

This frequently underlooked aspect of roof maintenance is actually one of the simplest and most important steps. You’ll need to use a ladder to climb up onto your roof in order to get rid of debris, sand, dirt, tree branches, moss, pigeon nests, and anything else that shouldn’t be on top of your roof. Keep this task easier by cutting back overhanging tree branches that are near your home. 

Make sure your home has a quality gutter system that will prevent blockages from filling your downspouts, which can lead to water backup on your roof and leaks inside your home. While you are on the roof, take a look around to make sure that no shingles are missing, that all flashings and seams are in good condition, and that there are no apparent signs of damage.

Get Routine Roof Inspections

Although it’s usually a good idea to inspect your asphalt shingle roof on your own, it’s best to get your entire roof inspected professionally at least once a year. A professional roof inspection is meticulous and comprehensive and will include checking for the following:

  • Signs of any blistered, curled, cracked, missing, or loose shingles that need to be replaced
  • Exposed shingle nails that need attention
  • Rust, corrosion, or other damage to metal flashings
  • Missing or damaged caulk around sealed flashings
  • Excessive shingle granule loss 
  • Mold growth, moss growth, or rot on fascia boards and soffits

Your Mesa roofing contractor will also take a look in your home’s attic so that your roof can be inspected from the inside. This task may include measuring and calculating attic ventilation, verifying insulation quality and quantity, examining the attic for rot and mold growth, looking for signs of roof leaks, and checking for any signs of sagging on the roof decking or sheathing. A professional roof inspection is your best defense against major repairs because small problems can be identified and repaired before they become more significant – and more expensive.

Asphalt Roof Repair

Significant wear and tear on shingle roofs that need repair usually show obvious signs of deterioration. While fading, missing shingles, and a generally worn down appearance are the most obvious signs that you need Sun Lakes roofing company, they are not the only signs. If you see water staining on your ceilings or walls, or have a significant increase in energy bills, it’s time to call a roofing contraction because your roof needs attention. Routine maintenance and preventative inspections are the best way to take care of these problems before they cause risk to your home’s structural integrity. 

Keep a Record Of Your Roof’s Condition

You may think that maintenance and repair logs are only for commercial facility managers, but they can be very valuable tools for homeowners, too. Keeping a record of your own maintenance as well as records of all roofing inspections and repairs is an excellent way to understand your roof’s condition. This will help you to be better prepared for roof repairs and replacement when the time comes. 

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