A Complete Guide To Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance: Common Issues & How To Fix Them

Giving Maintenance To Your Commercial Flat Roof

Commercial flat roofs are popular in many industrial complexes. They protect internal structures against extreme weather conditions and are often used on high-rise buildings. But like any other building, they are prone to damage from harsh weather conditions, such as rain, heat, and sunlight. 

They also get damaged due to improper maintenance. Without the right care, business owners could reduce the roofs’ lifespan in the long run. 

Our Sun City roofing contractor compiled a list of the most common problems that arise during the life cycle of a commercial flat roof system. If you want to learn more about them, read below. 

Giving Maintenance To Your Commercial Flat Roof

Standing Water

Ponding is the biggest problem for many flat roofs. Water will always find its way out, even if the roof has a slope. You probably don’t want water running through the ceiling, so you must act carefully.

Moisture can cause dips, divots, mold, and other problems in your roofing material, regardless of its duration. 

One way to deal with ponding is to act fast after it rains. Use a mop or squeegee to push water away and let your rood fry under the sun. Make sure the roof’s drainage is free and not clogged. Clogged drains prevent water from escaping the roof, worsening the problem. 

Clear pipes and gutters to prevent clogged drains, and contact a roofer at least once a year to ensure your roof is in good condition.

Roof Degradation

You cannot avoid degradation. It happens to every material, even those with a long lifespan and resistant surfaces. However, extreme heat and cold can speed up the process.

You can fight its effects with regular inspections. Contact a Queen Creek roofing contractor at least once a year to check your roof and ensure it’s in great condition. The contractor can also inform you about potential issues, including bending and leaking. 

Before calling the professional, you can see if the roof material is drying out or flaking every few months. If that’s the case, get them patched up as soon as possible. The sooner you solve degradation issues, the better the chances of minimizing worse damage.

Tears, Scuffs, & Holes

Flat rooftops serve as event spaces for many tenants. The problem is that it creates a lot of traffic, increasing the chances of getting scuffs, tears, and holes. Small scratches aren’t a big problem initially, but they may expand over time.

The best way to deal with tears, holes, and scuffs is by preventing them. Build proper walking paths so that tenants and guests walk through safe areas and not sensitive parts of the rooftop. 

If you see any scuffs, fix them with material or contact a professional.


Flat roofs collect debris like dirt, leaves, small branches, and even trash as time goes by. Occasional litter doesn’t hurt your roof, but debris buildup can be dangerous when unattended, especially if you don’t contact a Glendale roofing company on time.

Trash and leaves can clog drains, causing ponding and drainage pipes weakness. 

Luckily, debris buildup is easy to fix. Sweep your roof with a leaf blower, or try pressure washing to get rid of debris. Use soapy water to mop off mud and dirty if necessary. If the debris clogs your pipes and gutter, contact a professional immediately.

Roof Leaks

One of the most common problems on any type of roof is leaking. It happens when standing water has nowhere to go and it’ll seep through the rooftop. Water has nowhere to run but down when there’s no place for it. 

Sadly, this can happen even with the most resistant roofing materials. Moisture affects the surface enough to develop fungus and mold. When mold and fungus worsen, the water finds its way to your ceiling and creates leaks. 

To prevent it, drain standing water any time you can. You should also check for holes and tears that may let the water go through your rooftop. The sooner you solve these issues, the lower the chances of developing leaks. 

Call A Phoenix Roofing Company For The Best Repair

You may solve small issues in your flat roof, but most of the time, you need a pro on your side to fix leaks, tears, holes, and other roofing issues. Contact today Canyon State Roofing to get an incredible service that will guarantee safe and reliable solutions for your rooftop. 

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