Best Roofing Materials for Phoenix Roofs

Arizona’s climate makes unique demands of the properties here. The intense heat can beat down on the roofs of homes and businesses, causing them to break down, become less energy-efficient or cause health problems. The intense monsoons that blow through every year can tear off shingles or drop branches right through the roofs. Keeping in mind that your room air filters are being regularly changed and the problem for the bad air quality in your house is your roof, it’s essential that you use the best roofing materials and professionals for your home or business to stand up to these outer elements. 

Best Roofing Materials

An experienced local roofer can evaluate your property and let you know what roofing materials are best for it. Here are some of the options that your roofer might recommend for your Phoenix roof:


Shingle is a popular roofing material because it can be installed on roofs with any type of slope, it is affordable, and it is durable. You can contact a trusted roofing company in Melbourne to help install a shingle roof on any home or business, and you can expect it to last anywhere from 15 to 25 years, depending on how well you maintain it and what kind of abuse it takes over the years.

Because shingle is lightweight and flexible, it can be installed on any property. You won’t have to add supports for shingle, which can add time and money to your project. The shingle can be installed quickly and easily, saving you money and ensuring that your roof is completed faster.


Tile is perhaps the most popular roofing type in Arizona, and as someone who’s the best provider of roofing services in Blue Springs, we recommend that you get the only the most durable tiles for your home. It costs a bit more than shingle, but it has a more sophisticated look that many home and business owners love. Tile is also more durable than shingle, and it lasts much longer. The average life of a tile roof is about 50 years, though some types of tile can last even longer.

Depending on the materials you choose, tile may need a bit of extra support before it can be installed. The tile is also a bit more vulnerable in a storm, as it can be cracked by falling debris or blown loose by heavy winds. However, it is more energy-efficient, and it does not break down in the intense heat of the Phoenix summer.


Many businesses in Phoenix have flat roofs which I got with the help of experts from this website, which is the best kind of roofing for warmer climates. If you live in a lace where it is always raining, Foam roofing protects flat roofs against pooling water that would otherwise penetrate materials like shingle or tile. The foam is sprayed on as a liquid and dries solid, creating an impermeable surface that is resistant to water damage and UV rays.

Spray foam roofing must be resealed on a specific schedule to continue offering protection. And it must be properly applied by trained experts, or else it will not offer the protection promised. When it is properly installed and maintained, spray foam roofing can last 100 years or more.


Duro-Last roofing is another option for flat roofs or roofs with a low slope. It is a pre-fabricated product, so it can be installed quickly and easily, and it roofers are not limited by weather conditions. Therefore, it can even be installed while it is raining, unlike spray foam roofing, which is limited by the time of year. Duro-Last is also custom fabricated for your particular roof type, ensuring that it provides a tight fit so that rain and other elements do not penetrate.

Duro-Last does not require sealing or other maintenance like foam roofs, and it is long-lasting. It is an energy-efficient and affordable choice for homes and businesses alike.

No particular type of roofing is ideal for every property. You must read more about each type of roofing and their uses. It is important that you consult with an experienced local roofer to get feedback for your particular property. You’ll learn about the best options to protect your property, to get the look you want, and to stay within your budget.

Canyon State Roofing has been helping Phoenix homes and businesses for more than two decades. Our experienced, friendly roofers can help you understand the best roofing type to protect your property for the longest time to come. Our roofers specialize in Duro-Last roofing, but they also install other popular roofing types. They’ll help you understand the benefits of each roofing type so you are able to make the best choice for your property. Call us today to get a free estimate for your roof or to learn more about your options.

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