Is Frost a Concern for Arizona Roofs?

Typically, people think of sunny skies and warm temperatures when they think of Arizona. In fact, a lot of people move to the state in the hopes of experiencing the sunny weather all year long. They leave colder and snowier climates to get a bit more sunshine.

What most people don’t realize is that there are parts of Arizona that can get temperatures cold enough to create frost – and even snow. It may not last long, but it can appear. As a homeowner, you may wonder if that bit of frost or other winter precipitation you experience can be damaging to your home or your landscape.

Is Frost a Concern for Arizona Roofs?

Fortunately, your roofing material is designed to withstand temperature extremes, and it can easily stand up to frost when you get it. The Sun City roofing contractor who installed your roof should also have followed the standards to ensure that your roof performs under extreme weather, including colder temperatures that bring on frost and the heavy rains and winds of the monsoon season.

A Roof with No Frost

During the coldest days, you may look up at your neighbors’ roofs and see that they are covered in frost. Then you look at your roof and see that it has no frost. Good news, right? No, actually not.

Take a closer look at your neighbors’ houses and at your own. It could be that yours doesn’t have frost because it has more direct exposure to sun, and the frost has melted. Your neighbors’ homes could also be more heavily shaded by trees, which is keeping the frost around longer.

If you don’t see conditions like these to explain the discrepancy, it could be that your home does not have proper insulation. The heat inside your home is escaping through the roof, and that is causing the frost to melt. Meanwhile, your neighbors have appropriate insulation and are staying toasty inside while the frost sticks to the outside.

Poor insulation in your attic can cause your energy bills to skyrocket, and it can put your roof at risk. The temperature extremes can cause your roof to wear down faster, which can put your home in jeopardy and cost you dearly in the long run.

Getting a Roof Inspection

You are your home’s first investigator, and you should take that job seriously. Any time the temperatures drop, take a look at your roof and note what’s happening around you. If your home doesn’t have frost and the neighboring homes do, you may need to investigate why that is; call a commercial roofing company to help you with the investigation. You’ll need to make note of the surroundings and any circumstances that could be contributing to the situation. You’ll also need to make note of things you’ve been noticing inside your house that could be related, such as rising energy costs.

Then you’ll need to call an experienced roofing contractor in Peoria to conduct an inspection. Present all the information you have gathered to your roofer, as it might be helpful to form an understanding of what is happening with your roof. Your Gilbert roofer will then thoroughly inspect your roof and your attic to determine if you have any issues, such as a breakdown in roofing materials, poor insulation, or problems with the ventilation.

Taking action quickly is always the best thing you can do for your roof and your home. It’s better to get an inspection and to be told that everything is fine with your roof than to ignore signs that indicate a problem and allow damage to spread. Your Mesa roofer will assure you that all is well or will make recommendations and repairs to ensure that it is well.

Call Canyon State Roofing if you are having trouble with your roof in Phoenix or if you have suspicions that there may be an issue. An experienced roofing contractor from our team will perform an inspection and help you better understand the condition of your roof. We can then perform roof repair or discuss your options for re-roofing if it’s needed. We work with all types of roofing popular to the Phoenix area, including shingle roofing and tile roofing. Call us today to schedule an inspection with a Arrowhead roofing contractor and to learn more about your roofing options.

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