Canyon State Roofing is a company you can trust. Jim was very easy to work with and answered all of my questions with the utmost of patience. When my husband and I were deciding on what company to use, Jim took pictures of what was wrong with the roof so that those of us on the ground knew what he saw. Then, he gave us a number of price options based on immediate and long-term needs. When we had a question about the footings for our patio deck, he came out to the house right away to examine them. Because my husband and I were replacing the roof and second floor patio on a short sale home we wouldn’t be moving into immediately, we were cautious about who to choose since we would be working with the roofer remotely. In the end, we opted to go with Canyon State Roofing and were never disappointed. Robyn in the office was very polite and kept us all on track with the communication, contract, appointments, and follow-up. In the meantime, Jim periodically phoned me to let me know how the work was proceeding. Whenever my parents checked on the progress of the roof, Jim was always there working alongside his crew. I highly recommend Canyon State Roofing. They know their business and won’t steer you wrong.

Kim Belair, Gilbert, AZ

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