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Have a roof leak in AZ? Is it raining in your living room? Try the pencil trick!

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If you have a roof leak in AZ, and you are reading this article, chances are, you have drywall that is leaking water RIGHT NOW. Or, you have a ceiling that is bubbling. Caution must be taken, because you could be in danger of your entire ceiling caving in from the weight of the water! Here’s a little tip to keep damage to a minimum until a Licensed Roofing Contractor can complete a permanent repair. I call it the “Pencil Trick”

Grab a pencil and a bucket and some towels. In the middle of the area the ceiling is leaking, stick the pencil through the drywall and waller out a couple of pencil sized holes. This will allow the water to drain out safely and will prevent the water from pooling. You will minimize your drywall damage, and it will also reduce the chances of your ceiling caving in. Use CAUTION when doing this, because depending on how much water there is, and how heavy that ceiling is, there may be a gush of water that comes out!

Some roofing contractors offer an Emergency Roof Tarp Service in Arizona. You may want to consider this to help temporarily re-direct the rain off the area, then have them return to complete the permanent fix once it dries out!

Remember: Be sure to have your roof fixed BEFORE you have the drywall fixed. There is nothing worse than having your drywall fixed, then having the roof leak all over your new drywall again!

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