When you call Canyon State Roofing & Consulting to detect a leak on your Arizona Roof, we send out our professionals to do a complete inspection on your residential roof. Our highly trained professionals have an educated eye for determining the exact source of the leak. Many times, we are able to pinpoint the exact cause, and fix it for a small fraction of the price of an entire re-roof. A roof leak on Phoenix, Arizona roofs is the most common among roof problems. If you have a leaky roof, call Canyon State Roofing & Consulting today!

Does the ceiling in your home, property, or commercial location look something like this?

Water stained home ceiling due to a Gilbert AZ roof leak

Leaky roofs is the most common roof problem building owners face.  Unfortunately, roof leaks can also be among the toughest roof issues to repair correctly. Leak detection in Arizona is not as easy as it sounds. The source of a roof leak could be from any number of situations: Damaged or rotten underlayment, damaged shingles, improper nail placement, unmaintained foam coating, missing flashing, cracked chimneys, or a leak that appears to be coming from the roof could very well be starting in the walls!

The unique desert climate we live in can be very rough on our Arizona roofs. Canyon State Roofing has trained commercial roofing professionals that specialize in roof leak detection in Arizona. We have provided roofing services locally in the Phoenix Valley area for over 20 years, so we know how to detect roof leaks, future roofing repairs, and other roofing issues.

Below is a list of several different types of roofing systems and typical reasons why each type of roof may leak.

Example of damaged undeerlayment of a Phoenix tile roof

This damaged underlayment could be the cause of a nasty roof leak. This underlayment must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Shingle Roofs

  • Missing shingles
  • Damaged or rotten underlayment
  • Damaged shingles
  • improper placement of nails

Tile Roofs

  • Damaged or rotten underlayment
  • Misplaced, chipped, or cracked roof tiles

Foam Roofs

  • Neglected coating
  • Bird pecks into the foam
  • Bird waste
  • ponding water on roof
  • improper tie-ins

Single Ply Roofs

  • improper welds (“cold welds”)
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