4 Steps to Take to Get Your Roof Ready for Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your roof is a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home, as well as its value. Solar panels will generate energy for your home from the sun – of which there is plenty in the Phoenix area. If you generate enough energy from your solar panels, you can even get a credit from the electric company, helping you to save or even make money.

Many people recognize the benefits of solar panels, so if your home has them, your home will increase in value. You just need to properly prepare your roof for the solar panels to ensure the proper installation and the maximum return on your investment. Here are four steps that you need to take:

4 Steps to Take to Get Your Roof Ready for Solar Panels

Get a Roof Inspection

Before you can have solar panels installed, you need to call a reputable roofing contractor  serving Gilbert to perform a thorough roof inspection. Otherwise, you could be slapping solar panels on a roof that has rotting wood, loose shingles, or other problems. When the solar panels are already installed, it is going to be much more difficult – and expensive – to make the needed roof repair. It’s better to have any repairs performed before the panels are installed.

The roofing inspection will also determine the overall health of your roof. You don’t want to go through the expense of installing solar panels only to discover in a year or two that you need to invest in re-roofing. A Phoenix new roof installation is going to be much easier before you put in the solar panels.

Get the Right Measurements

Not all roofs have a simple square or rectangular shape. Some can have odd shapes that are difficult to measure, and some can have areas that would not support a solar panel. Some have a more traditional shape, but they are intersected by gables and other elements that would interrupt the placement of a solar panel.

Here’s another area where you’ll need the help of an experienced roofing contractor near Sun City to get it right. Your Sun City roofer can safely and accurately take the measurements you need to know how many solar panels you can accommodate on your roof and where.

Examine the Landscape

Your roof is an ideal location for solar panels since it offers plenty of square footage under the direct light of the sun. Or, at least, that’s usually the case. Some homes are surrounded by trees, tall buildings, or other things that actually block the sun. Those homes would not generate as much power from solar panels.

You need to hire a professional to properly examine your landscape and determine whether you could properly benefit from solar panels. The professional may make recommendations for removing trees or other elements to maximize energy generation.

Talk to a Professional

Not all homes are ready to take on solar panels. You need to talk to a professional roofing contractor in Mesa to find out if your roof provides the proper structural support for solar panels. These panels can be quite weighty, and if there isn’t the appropriate underlying support, they can actually cause damage to your roof.

If you find out that your roof isn’t ready to take on solar panels, that doesn’t mean that the project should be nixed. It just means that you’ll have to hire a roofer to bolster the roof properly before your panels can be installed.

By working with a Peoria roofing contractor and the appropriate professionals, you can ensure that you get a solar panel installation that will maximize the benefits for your home, without any negative side effects. You’ll ensure that your roof is healthy and ready to support the panels and that your home is ready to generate maximum solar power by getting maximum sun exposure.

If you are thinking of getting solar panels, call Canyon State Roofing and Consulting in Phoenix today. We are experts in residential roofing, and a licensed roofing contractor from our team will thoroughly inspect your roof to ensure that it is ready to take on solar panels. We can perform the needed roof repair or construct added support for the panels. If you need re-roofing before your solar panels are installed, we can also give you recommendations for and perform your new roof installation. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation!

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