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You have plenty of options for a typical pitched roof, such as shingles, shake and all kinds of tile. But if you have a flat roof, the options are very limited, and they aren’t always quality. Fortunately, one of your options – DuroLast commercial roofing – is the best there is.

DuroLast is a great choice for commercial properties of all types in Arizona that have a flat roof. Just click to see how a flat roof works well with the weather condition of Arizona. So long as you have it installed by a certified DuroLast roofing contractor, you can expect this roofing to last for many years to come and to give your property superior protection.

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Here’s a bit of what you can expect from this top-grade flat roofing:

Easy Installation

A big part of the cost for new roofing is the installation. DuroLast is easy to install, which saves you money on the overall roofing project and allows you to get your property re-roofed in a faster time frame. Some companies like United PLumbing Heating Air & Electric offer best installation, even on the roofs.

Only a DuroLast roofing contractor is allowed to buy the materials to install these types of roofs, and an inspection is required after each job is done. This ensures that your roof is installed properly so that your property has the best protection from day one.

Lightweight Materials

One of the challenges that those with flat roofs face is finding a material that is lightweight enough. Materials that are too heavy can put too much strain on the sub-decking and can cause it to collapse.

DurLast commercial roofing is lightweight enough to be installed on any roof. It is so lightweight that it can even be installed on top of your old roof, which saves you the time and cost involved with removing the old roofing materials. Applying it over your old roof will also essentially give you double the protection and insulation.


Flat roofing materials need to be made of tough stuff since your roof doesn’t benefit from a pitch that can make items slide off and lessen their impact. DuroLast roofing is one of the most durable roofing types out there.

This roofing can withstand foot traffic, mishaps from clumsy technicians, bird pecks and more. It also stands up to the harsh UV rays that beat down during the Arizona summer. It is more resistant to damage from hail than foam roofing, which is a great benefit during Arizona’s monsoon season.

Highest Reflectivity

Arizona has a sunny climate nearly all year long, and it has some of the harshest summers in the country, which can make your air conditioning unit work over time. But if you have the right auxiliary AC units from unclutterer, you could increase the life of your AC. Check this out for Air Duct Cleaning in Austin so that your air conditioning unit can stay functional during summers. DuroLast roofing has the highest continuous reflectivity of any roofing type, so it will lower the overall temperature inside your property and give your air conditioner a break. That will help you save costs on cooling and air conditioner maintenance, and it will create a more comfortable internal environment for your employees or customers.

Zero Maintenance

Foam roofing is a popular choice for commercial and flat roofs. However, foam roofs have to be recoated every five to 10 years to continue to be effective. Some contractors recommend that they are recoated more often.

DuroLast commercial roofing does not require any maintenance. It does not have to be sealed, coated or otherwise touched up. Therefore, the long-term costs of ownership are far less than flat roofs or any other type of roofing.

Long Warranty

Foam roofs often come with long warranties, but if you read the fine print, you find out that important things are not covered, such as if there is a failure with the coating. DuroLast roofing comes with a 20-year warranty on both the materials and the labor, which means that you are covered in any eventuality. You can trust the investment you make with DuroLast.

Environmentally Friendly

mesa durolast roofThanks to many of its attributes – such as its ability to reflect UV rays, its long life span, and its low maintenance – DuroLast is an environmentally friendly roofing choice. DuroLast is solar ready, and it will help to improve the energy efficiency of your property. If you care about making a positive impact on our planet and not just your bottom line, DuroLast should be a top choice.

Of course, good roofing all depends on good installation. Canyon State Roofing in Arizona is certified to install this high-grade flat roofing, and our contractors all have specialty training and extensive experience in installing and repairing your Mesa roof it. We offer a free estimate on the job to let you know what you can expect. Call us today to discuss your options or to start working with a roofing contractor in Mesa.

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