5 Factors To Look For When Deciding Between Repair Or Replace Your Commercial Roof

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Commercial Roof: What’s The Right Choice?

If you own a commercial building, one of the biggest challenges can be deciding when to repair or replace the roof. This can be even more daunting if your roof has been damaged by age or weather. The decision is not one that you can rush into.

There are so many factors involved in commercial roof repair and replacement you could get lost in the details and never reach a decision. We don’t want to let that happen to you, so see our checklist of 5 key aspects to consider before making the big call to the Sun city roofing contractor.

Repairing Vs. Replacing Your Commercial Roof: What's The Right Choice?

Age & Use

The damage the roof receives is the result of neglect and use over time. That damage can increase and cause other issues if the situation is not solved on time. 

You have to consider how much money you will save by replacing the roof in comparison to the cost of a simple repair. However, you should also consider the compromised integrity of the building if you repair only part of the roof and leave other parts damaged. In some cases, a repair may not be enough. 

A roof repair is a simple answer to small issues like a roof leak. But, in other cases, the roof may need replacement. 

No warranty covers the costs of personal, interior, or product damages if there’s no proper maintenance on your roof, so reflect on the use it has and its age. 

Roof Structure

Your roof is an essential part of your building, so you should not neglect it. Sometimes, your roof can have leaks that do not cause damage to the frames or walls of your property. In that case, your roof probably needs a repair and not a full replacement.

But in other cases, your building may not resist leaks, causing more damage. A Queen creek roofing contractor may recommend you a roof replacement to save your property and avoid the worst-case scenario. 

Don’t forget to have a commercial roof inspection whenever possible. If you are wondering how often it should be, consider the age of your roof and building.

Building Location

Where is your building located? This is another important factor along with the surrounding elements in the area. Both things help determine the best roof type for you in case you need a roof replacement. 

Before restoring or replacing your commercial roof, talk to your inspector to check the location. This way, the inspector can consider things like climate, soil, wind, etc.

Some roof types may be better for you depending on the location of your building. 

What Are Your Business Plans?

Are you planning to make your business work for a long time? A commercial roof replacement is probably worth the investment. 

You will need a roof in good condition for many decades, so you should replace it now to benefit the company’s future. 

Nonetheless, it may be difficult to know the best time for that replacement. You may think that your roof has minor damage and the replacement is not necessary, but the answer depends on a Glendale roofing contractor. A roofer is the most appropriate to analyze your roof condition and tell you if you better opt for a replacement.  


The final, but probably most important factor to consider is the budget. You must determine if you can do the repairs or replacement without affecting the rest of your business operations. 

Roof repairs are usually less expensive than roof replacements, but depending on the damage, you may end up spending more on repairs if you have to do it often. With a roof replacement, you won’t need to worry about repairs for a long time. 

Regardless of the option you choose (repair or replacement), you cannot consider either of them if your budget does not allow it. You must base the decision on whether your business operations will be affected or not.

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You can consider these factors to know if your commercial roof needs repair or replacement, but in the end, the best you can do is to contact an expert. Canyon State Roofing can help you determine the best solution for your roof thanks to its 20 years of experience and incredibly positive reputation in Phoenix Valley. Plus, if you contact us now, you can obtain a FREE estimate, so do not hesitate to contact us to receive a better orientation. 

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