5 Roofing Catastrophes You Need a Roofing Contractor to Resolve

There is so much temptation these days to DIY everything. A huge DIY market has popped up, and there are videos and articles galore to help you learn how to do things yourself. There are even TV shows that aim to help you do these jobs yourself.

But when it comes to roofing, there are many jobs that are better left to a professional roofing contractor serving Fountain Hills. Attempting to do the work yourself could just result in more damage to your roof and injury to yourself and others. Even if you want to handle your own roofing maintenance, make sure that you always call a professional Arizona roofing contractor to resolve these five roofing catastrophes:

5 Roofing Catastrophes You Need a Roofing Contractor to Resolve

Missing Shingles or Tiles

Roofing material can come loose because fasteners loosen or a heavy wind or branch knocks them free. According to Oswego Roofing, a loose or missing shingle or tile leaves a gap in the roof that allows rain to penetrate the underlying materials, as well as heat damage and pests. It’s important that loose or missing shingles or tiles are replaced or repaired immediately to prevent the spread of damage.

Roofing is applied in layers, so simply replacing one or two shingles or tiles isn’t going to be easy. You need a professional for roofing replacement or  roofing installation and to protect the roof materials.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is roofing material that is installed around items that cut through the roof, such as vents, chimneys, skylights, and more. The flashing creates a seal around these items to prevent leaks.

Flashing can break down with time, or it can fail because of poor installation. It is not easy to properly install or repair, so you need to hire a professional Chandler roofer to do so.

Leaking Roof

A leak is a common roofing problem. But it’s not always easy to determine the source of a leak. Water can come through the hole in the roof and travel quite far down the slope of the roof or even inside the house before it starts pooling on your ceiling or in your walls. Where you see the brown or yellow spot inside your house could be several feet from where the water is entering your house.

An experienced roofing contractor in Peoria will know how to find the source of the leak quickly – as well as how to repair it correctly.

Structural Damage

Roofing damage that is left untended can eventually lead to structural damage. Water can seep through to the beams supporting the roof and even to the beams holding up the ceiling. When there is structural damage, the roof needs to be stripped back and those underlying elements have to be fixed before the roof can be fixed.

Repairing a structure requires extensive training and experience. It also requires knowing local building codes, which are extensive. Professional Mesa roofers have the necessary knowledge and ability to do the job properly.

Poor Ventilation

According to a roofing contractor, proper ventilation is needed to protect the health of your roof and extend its life. Poor ventilation can allow humidity to build up inside the roof, which can lead to water damage, mold, and the warping of roofing materials. Though it is best to rope in professionals like water restoration austin for water damages, the other issues require a roofing contractor. 

You need a professional Gilbert roofer to diagnose the ventilation in your home to determine if it’s adequate. If changes need to be made, it will likely be a multi-step process, and that is best left to the professionals.
Roof work requires an experienced hand. You need someone with the proper training and the experience to hone those skills to repair or install your roof. The risks are too great if you try to do the work yourself and get it wrong. Make sure that you always hire a trusted professional to do this work – and especially to do these jobs on your roof.

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