Roofs don’t have a hard and fast expiration date. You can expect a typical lifespan out of your roof, but that can be longer or shorter depending on the conditions around your home and how you take care of the roof. Some rather invest in tools to do the maintenance on their own. Checking guides and reviews on will help them choose the right tool for any job. Most people don’t want to replace their roof any earlier than they have to, given the expense, so they wait until the last minute to do so.

Unfortunately, waiting too long can lead to other damage to your home, which can cause bigger and more expensive roofing problems. You need to be on the lookout for the signs that you need a Phoenix roof replacement so that you can get the timing just right. You can also call Blue Ladder Roofing Company of Noblesville if you think your roof may have suffered hail damage!


Here are five signs that the timing might be right for a new roof:

Sagging or Stained Ceiling

You may notice trouble inside your home before you notice any problems with the roof from the outside. According to roof repairs North Dublin, one of the most obvious signs you’ll see is brown or yellow staining on the ceiling, which is a sign that you have a leak and that water damage has traveled extensively through your home. Sagging of your ceiling is also an indication that it is damaged by water, which has come from a leak in your roof. Contact roofing contractors in Edmonton Alberta in case you need extra help fixing your property.

A leak may just be a leak. However, it is important that you have your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor in Mesa to determine if the leak needs a simple roof repair or if it is an indication of an aging and failing roof.

Sagging Areas of Roof

If your roof is damaged enough, you may even see the sagging on the outside. If it looks like parts of your roof are dipping or sagging, that’s an indication that there is serious water damage.

It may be that your roof has suffered isolated damage that can be repaired with new wood and shingles. However, with an aging roof, it is more likely that the sagging is an indication of weakening materials and systemic problems. Call a Mesa roofing contractor to get a thorough inspection and find out what your roof needs.

Granules in the Gutters

Damage to an aging roof is usually gradual. Shingles, for example, can wear down over time, disintegrating granule by granule. They may look ok when you survey the roof from the ground, but they may be slowly disintegrating without you realizing it.

You can find signs of trouble by looking in your gutters. If you see granules in there, that’s a good sign that your shingles are decaying and roofing replacement is already required. Learn more from Gutterilla on how finding dirt in your gutters can cause more problems for your roof and the rest of your house.

Damaged Flashing or Shingles

Sometimes, the damage to your roof is obvious. You may have loose or missing shingles or flashing. However, you may overlook this damage unless you are checking in on your roof regularly. It may be especially difficult to identify damaged flashing since it is tucked away in the corners of your roof. This needs to be inspected by local Roofers in the area.

Make sure you get a yearly inspection from a qualified Phoenix roofing contractor to spot this damage in its early stages and prevent the spread of damage.

Algae, Moss, or Mold

Your roof is in jeopardy of developing algae, a severe asbestos category, moss, or mold if it is under a lot of shade. Over time, those organic elements can break down the roofing materials, weakening the roof and leading to extensive damage. Even if your roof is not in the shade, it can develop these elements if it has become water damaged.
The presence of algae, moss, or mold should always be cause for concern. Take steps to clean these as soon as you notice them, and get a more extensive inspection to ensure that they are not symptoms of larger problems with your roof.

Keeping up with your roof maintenance and getting regular inspections can help you protect your roof and prolong its life. But time eventually comes for all roofs, and you will need a roofing replacement eventually. Keep an eye out for these signs that you might need a new roof, and call a Mesa roofer for an inspection and evaluation.

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