5 Undetectable Signs of Severe Roof Damage

Damage to your roof isn’t always obvious. You aren’t always going to have water pouring through a hole in your ceiling, and you aren’t always going to see a giant hole in your shingles. The signs of damage aren’t always as obvious as that, even if the damage is severe. Meanwhile, the damage could be spreading inside your house, including mold and rotting wood, visit us @ local roofers dublin will definitely have a solution for your damage roof.

Getting regular inspections from an experienced roofing contractor in Tempe can help you find roof problems in their earliest stages so that the damage doesn’t spread through your home. Here are a few other subtle signs that your roof might have serious damage:

Damaged shingle roof Arizona home

Buckling Shingles

You are much more likely to notice missing shingles on your roof than buckling shingles. Missing shingles leave a hole in the pattern – a giant black mark that you can spot from the ground. A buckling shingle might not be noticeable unless you are actually on your roof and standing right over it. Not only are you unlikely to be on your roof often, but it is not really recommended for you to get up on your roof.

Get an annual Gilbert roof inspection to catch buckling shingles, as well as other potential problems, before they can turn into larger issues.

Black Spots

Black spots on your roof can indicate a number of problems. They might appear when shingle granules have started to fall off, or they might appear because there is moisture damage and mold. Ignoring these spots could allow damage to spread throughout your home.

Call a Gilbert roofer if you notice black spots. It could be that your roof just needs a good clean, or it could be that you have problems that need to be corrected.

Nails around Your Perimeter

By the time nails have come out of your roof, the shingles and the decking have deteriorated to the point that they can’t hold the metal anymore. That’s when things are really bad. Popping nails are bad enough, but if there is nothing there to even hold the nails in and they have fallen around the foundation of your home instead, you’ve got real problems on your hands. Call a Tempe roofer as soon as possible.

Animals on the Roof

Animals don’t typically have a reason to be on your roof. They are always in search of food, water, or shelter, and your roof shouldn’t be a source of any of those things. If you see a lot of animals hanging around your roof, chances are good that there is an opening there that is allowing these creatures to nest or to find sources of water.

If you see a lot of critters around your roof, call out the professionals to take a closer look. The animals may have created a hole in your roof – squirrels are known for doing that – or they may have found an opening they are exploiting.

Whistling Sounds

Whistling sounds from inside your home are never a good sign. If the whistling sounds are caused by your roof, it’s likely because there is an opening your roof that is allowing the wind to pass through. The louder the sound, the bigger the problem is likely to be and it could also be a sign that a roofing replacement is in order.

Your roof is too important to your home to ignore any signs of potential damage, whether they are overt or more subtle like these. Call a trusted roofer in Gilbert as soon as you notice any signs of trouble, and get regular inspections to discover potential problems before any signs are noticeable.

If your roof has been damaged through years of inattention, or it has simply aged out, call Canyon State Roofing and Consulting to learn about your options for re-roofing. Sometimes, another repair is just not the right solution if your roof has suffered extensive damage. A new roof installation would save you more money in the long run and would better protect your home. Our experienced roofing contractors also perform roof repair, and they work on both shingle roofing and tile roofing. They are experts in both commercial roofing and residential roofing installation. Call us in Phoenix today to meet with one of our trusted roofing contractors and get an estimate for your roofing project.

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