The Benefits and Drawbacks of Mesa Shingle Roofs

Aside from tile roofs, shingle roofing is one of the most popular roofing choices for Mesa homes. Today’s shingles are attractive and come in many different colors and styles. Your Mesa shingle roofing contractor will gladly sit down with you to find the shingles that best suit the needs and style of your home. Here are some important and interesting facts about your Mesa shingle roof:


The Benefits of Shingle Roofing For Your Mesa Roof!Even though every manufacturer will tell you that their shingles are far superior to that of their competitors, fact is that they are all about the same in terms of quality. WhY?-Because shingles have to conform to standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and thus are essentially created equal. But don’t tell the manufacturer, we said that.


Now that we have ruled out quality as a determining factor for your roof shingles, let’s turn to style. While all manufacturers produce shingles that are equally good, they also generally produce the same shingle styles. These style can be categorized in architectural/dimensional shingles, designer shingles aka laminated shingles, and the good old three-tab shingles.

Dimensional shingles are made of two layers of material which are bonded together and whose three dimensional look gave them their name. Designer shingles are three dimensional shingles with an edge. This could be a laminated coating, a design that makes them resemble wood shake shingles or even slate. They will make your roof look expensive without the big price tag or added weight that slate tiles would add to your roof. Your Mesa roofer can assist you in selecting which shingles are suitable for your home.


Because of the rather uniform quality of shingles, the installation process is of utmost importance. Even the best shingles won’t keep you dry, if your roofer does a shoddy job. The type of underlayment he employs, if he uses staples or nails and how many per shingle, the length of fasteners as well as proper flashing all determine whether your shingle roof will break down over your head or last as long as its warranty (which is at least 20 years). A well-informed, properly trained shingle roofer 85209 will use 30# underlayment and 6 nails per shingle to ensure that your roof can weather Mesa monsoon storms and winter rains. Canyon State Roofing is proud to do exactly that. Additionally, we inspect every shingle thoroughly after installation to ensure that there won’t be any issues down the road such as exposed nails after a storm.

Roofer Jim Mclain preparing a Mesa roof for shingle roofing installation

Tile or Shingle

Whether you choose a shingle roof over a tile roof is determined by several factors. For one, tile weighs more and some roofs cannot support the added weight of tiles. Your roofer 85212 can assist you in strengthening your roofing structure, but that, of course, is another added expense. Then, tile is more expensive in general, but has a longer lifespan.

Many Mesa home or business owners choose shingles, because they are fairly inexpensive, have a decent lifespan, asphalt shingle roof installation is often completed in a day, and with the new shingles available today, you can fake the look of almost any other roofing material such as tile or wood shakes.

Canyon State Roofing & Consulting has had the same shingle roofing crew for more than a decade. This great team has worked on countless shingle roofs all over the greater Phoenix Metro area and gladly will work on your shingle roof as well. To learn more about your shingle roof choices and our roofing services, contact us today.

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