When is the Best Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Replacing a commercial roof can be a lot more complicated than replacing a residential roof. Not only do you have to weigh the condition of the roof against the project costs of maintaining it and repairing it for the estimated time it has left, but you also have to think about how the work will impact your customers and your employee operations. Will you have a lot of down time while your Phoenix commercial roof installation is being completed?

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Will there be a lot of noise or equipment that impedes your work flow or productivity? An experienced commercial roofing contractor will be able to give you some feedback tailored to your unique needs. However, here is some general guidance about what you’ll need to consider to determine the best time to replace your commercial roof:

Signs of Damage

You should be getting regular inspections from a commercial roofing contractor to know the condition of your roof and to discover problems when they are emerging or are in the early stages. If certain signs of damage are discovered, it may indicate that your roof is nearing the end of its life and may need replacing.

Be aware of the following signs of problems with your roof:

  • Bubbling. Shingles are prone to bubbling when moisture gets trapped underneath them or the underlayment. Bubbling isn’t just aesthetic – it makes your roof vulnerable when high winds kick up, which are very common during the monsoon season in Arizona. You may be able to correct the problem by replacing some of the shingles, or you may need to consider a new roof.
  • Ponding. Water should run off your roof and down your gutters. If it doesn’t, you will have standing water, which is known as “ponding.” Pools of water sitting on your roof will cause the materials to degrade faster. Ponding usually occurs because the foundation is damaged or weakened or because the roofing materials were installed incorrectly.
  • Missing or torn shingles or tiles. A heavy rain or winds can tear off shingles or tiles, which can make your roof vulnerable. However, missing shingles or tiles can also be a sign that the roof is aging out and the materials are degrading. You will also need to look for signs of shingle granules in your gutters, as this can indicate deterioration also.
  • Broken or loose flashing. The area around vents, chimneys and other items that intersect the roof are the most common areas for problems on your roof. If you have broken or loose flashing, serious damage may have spread through your roof, requiring replacement.
  • Leaks. You may know that you have a leak because you have stains on your ceiling or walls. Of course, the problem may be more obvious, and you may have water dripping through your ceiling. A leak may be able to be repaired, or it may be a sign of a more serious problem.

The best way to know whether any of these problems can be repaired is to get an inspection from a qualified commercial roofing inspector. You’ll get a better idea of what is causing the problem and whether the damage has spread enough that you need to consider a roof replacement.

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If your Phoenix roofing contractor tells you that you do need a new commercial roof installation, you’ll want to give serious though to the timing of it.

For example, if you have a small, one-story building, it may be a big eyesore to have all that work happening. Having work trucks in the parking lot and contractors going in and out may also be an inconvenience for customers. The loud noise may be distracting to customers and employees alike.
However, if you are in a multi-story building, the work may not be noticeable at all.

Think through what you have going on before you schedule the roofing work. You want to schedule it so that the building is ready to make the best impression before your next big event or busy season, and you want to schedule it so that it creates the least amount of inconvenience.

You can work with your Phoenix property management roofing contractor to determine the perfect timing so that you protect your roof and property but cause the least disruption.

The professionals at Canyon State Roofing in Arizona can evaluate your roof and provide recommendations for needed Phoenix roof repairs or a new roof installation. We will help you understand how the costs of repair balance against the cost of a new roof and the expected longevity you can get from each. In additional to commercial roof installation, we also perform maintenance and repairs for both residential and commercial buildings. Call us in Arizona today to get a free estimate for your commercial roof installation or to discuss your other roofing needs.

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