Finding The Origin Of Your Catastrophic Roof Leak

Learn How To Discover The Source Of Your Roof Leak With An Expert Arizona Roofing Company

Leaks are some of the most common roofing problems. You may not even realize that you have a leak until it has carried on for weeks or even months. But then you notice the telltale signs: The yellow or brownish marks on the ceiling or walls. The peeling paint. The musty odors. If the leak has had enough time to develop, or if it is especially bad, you’ll even get actual dripping coming through onto the floors.

You might think that it’s relatively easy to find the source of the leak once you know it’s there. You just look at the location of the damage and then go to the point on the roof directly above that. However, as any roofer will tell you, that is rarely the case. Water can travel far from the source of the leak. So you may have damage several feet away from where the water is entering your home.

The best way to discover the source of your roof leak is to hire an experienced Chandler roofer to inspect your roof. Here are a few of the culprits that your roofer may uncover

Learn How To Discover The Source Of Your Roof Leak With a Gilbert Roofing Company

Loose Shingles 

Your shingles can come loose, buckle up, or even blow right off your roof. If they do, they leave an opening for moisture to penetrate your roof. The moisture and other elements can cause the other materials on your roof to break down, such as the underlayment and the decking. The longer the missing or damaged material is left untended, the more likely the damage will spread.

Sometimes, the damage to the shingles may be obvious, such as a missing patch of shingles. Other times, the signs may be more subtle. For example, granules from the shingles may be in your gutters – a good indication that the shingles are wearing down and will soon need to be replaced. Your roofer will look for these and other signs during the inspection to determine not only the source of your leak, but also any imminent problems with your roof.

Roof Flashing

Flashing is the material around vents, chimneys, or any location of your roof that meets up with another element. For example, you would see flashing next to a second-story wall that meets up with the roof on the first story. Flashing is one of the most likely culprits when you have a leak because of the difficulties in sealing such locations.

Flashing can fail if it is not installed properly or sealed properly – or if that sealant breaks down over time. If you have a leak, your roofer will look for loose flashing, missing flashing, and flashing that has become broken or otherwise damaged.

Skylights, Chimneys & Vents

Skylights, chimneys, and vents are highly problematic because they intersect with the roof, and they create challenges for sealing off those areas. Flashing is used around these items, and that can fail. In addition, elements of these items can fail, such as the frame, the mortar on the chimney, and so on.

Your Gilbert roofer will inspect these items carefully, looking for cracks, broken seals, broken or missing flashing, and more.

Finding the source of a leak can be much more difficult than you might think. Yet it is important to get to the source of a leak fast – otherwise, they can spread devastating damage through your roof and your home. If you suspect that you have a leak, call a Mesa roofer immediately for a thorough inspection and prompt repair. Make it a habit to get an annual roof inspection to discover roofing problems before leaks can form. By the time you notice the sign of a leak, significant damage may have been spread. Prevention is always the best cure to your home problems.

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