Sarnafil or Duro Last: Which is Best for Me?

Commercial roofs around Arizona come with unique challenges. They are typically flat roofs, and they are often very large. Both of those characteristics makes them prone to leakage and other damage because of pooling water and broad exposure to UV rays. The large surface area also means that energy efficiency is more of a concern since it plays a big role in the building’s energy consumption.

Two roofing choices are popular for commercial buildings because they address these concerns: Sarnafill and Duro Last. Both are single-ply, PVC-based roofing systems that are waterproof and resist damage from the sun. They are both energy-efficient choices, and they both have a long life expectancy. They can also both be used under a green, growing roof or under solar panels.

Commercial Roofing

So which is right for you? Which roofing contractor in Mesa do you call? Here’s a look at how the two roofing systems compare:


Sarnafill is a single-ply roofing system that arrives in rolls when you order it. The material is then measured, cut, and installed on site. That’s in contrast to the way Duro Last roofing is created, which is off site. The material is pre-manufactured and heat-welded at another location, and it arrives ready for installation. Though this difference can make Duro Last more expensive, it also makes it stronger. Sarnafill is more likely to break down or to lose its watertight properties as a result.

Sarnafill is also made overseas, whereas Duro Last is manufactured right here in the United States. When you buy Sarnafill, you are supporting a foreign economy, not your own.

Duro Last

In addition to the enhanced manufacturing process that makes Duro Last a more reliable and long-lasting roofing choice, there are other benefits to it over Sarnafill.

Both roofing materials are reinforced with a scrim that makes them hard to damage. However, Duro Last has cross-woven reinforcement that makes it much harder to damage – even if you were trying to do it on purpose to test it out. You would need special tools to cut through Duro Last roofing.

Duro Last also has the highest energy efficiency rating between the two roofing types, so you can save a lot of money on your heating installation services and cooling costs. The larger your property, the more savings you’ll see.

While Saranfil and Duro Last may be very similar roofing systems, they are not the same, and Duro Last has a clear lead when you compare the two closely. You can save money and protect your property longer by choosing Duro Last.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Before you decide which roofing system is right for you, it’s important that you talk to a roofing contractor in Mesa. An experienced contractor will inspect your property and help you understand which roofing types will meet its particular needs. When you talk to roofing contractors, be sure you choose one who is capable of installing either roofing type since additional certification is sometimes required. You don’t want to learn that one type of roofing is better for your property and then find out the contractor you’re talking to can’t install it. Nor do you want to get a biased opinion from a contractor who’s steering you toward one type of roofing since that’s the type he can install.

Canyon State Roofing and Consulting can install all types of commercial roofing, but we are certified to install Duro Last roofing, as well. We are one of the only contractors in the Phoenix area that is certified to installed Duro Last. We can perform new roof installation to protect your commercial property, or we can perform roof repair if you already have Duro Last or another roofing material installed. Our goal is to ensure that your roof and your property are protected for many years to come. Our contractors are committed to providing the highest level of service and workmanship, and we have developed a reputation as a top Phoenix roofing company as a result. Don’t leave your Phoenix property vulnerable anymore. Call us today to talk with a roofing contractor about Duro Last or about your other roofing options. We’ll inspect your property and give you tailored recommendations for the best results.

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