Arizona home DIY roof maintenance myths Would you go 100,000 miles in your car without changing the oil?

Hopefully not!

You should not go that long without maintaining your roof, either.  Roof maintenance will increase the life of your roof exponentially. It will also  prevent the voiding of your warranty.

We offer roof maintenance programs to fit your customized needs.  We offer this service for both residential and commercial properties.  For the common residential roof, this may  include a yearly inspection and debris clean off.  Keeping gutters cleaned out prevents ponding of water, and trees can be cut back to prevent roof damage. Remember: These issues can void your roof warranty!

A roof maintenance program is a small investment into the life of your building and will prevent major problems down the road, and will save you big money in the long run.

Here are some common myths about roofing:

MYTH #1:

A tile roof has a lifetime warranty- I will never have to do anything to it.

Damaged Tile Underlayment on a residential Mesa roof
We hear this roofing myth in Phoenix a lot.
You may hear new home builders state their tile roofs have “Lifetime Warranties”.  Well, this is both true, and untrue.  While the actual tile itself may have a lifetime warranty, the underlayment that is placed underneath beneath the tile does not.  After several years, our harsh desert climate and the sun’s UV rays can eat away at the material, causing it to become brittle and damaged.  This underlayment will need to be replaced. However, the original tile can be reused after the underlayment has been set.

Additionally, the tiles on your roof can be prone to breakage.  If you have had a significant storm, or if someone has been walking on your roof (like an A/C repair person, or someone hanging holiday lights), it can be easy for the tiles on your roof to break.  The sharp broken pieces of the tile can pierce the underlayment, which can rapidly deteriorate the underlayment.  Additionally, the broken or missing tile will expose the underlayment to our harsh Arizona weather conditions, which can lead to major roof problems later on.


My roofing warranty will cover all roof problems.
A manufacturer’s roofing warranty specifies that the roof will perform well under NORMAL conditions, with proper maintenance.  One myth is that warranties are all-inclusive and will cover any roof failure, or problem, no matter what.  However, most warranties will become void if your roof is not maintained properly.

Myths about roof maintenance in Phoenix


A roof maintenance program is a waste of money.  If you recently replaced your roof, you will want to keep it in tip-top shape for the life of your investment. Long term maintenance is a requirement to keep most roof warranties in effect.  Manufacturers will void your warranty if your roof is not properly maintained.  A maintenance program will also provide a paper trail in the event that you end up having an insurance claim on your roof. You want to be able to prove to your insurance company that you have always made sure the condition of your roof is great, in the event of a storm damage claim. They will be less prone to blame the damage on something other than a legitimate insurance covered loss.

Call Canyon State Roofing, Arizona’s Tile Roofing Institute certified roofing company, today to schedule a complimentary roof inspection, and to discuss weather a roof maintenance program is right for you!