3 Indisputable Reasons to Have Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

You must maintain your commercial property to protect your investment and to present a professional appearance to your customers or clients. Though you may not see it regularly, your roof is one of the most important components of your property to maintain since it takes up such a large amount of space and plays such an important role for your property.

Part of your routine maintenance should be a regular roof inspection. Here are three indisputable reasons you should call an experienced commercial roofing contractor in Arizona to perform a regular inspection on your commercial roof:

3 Indisputable Reasons to Have Regular Commercial Roof Inspections

Stop the Spread of Damage

You can get on your own roof and take a look around and think that everything looks just fine. You need the trained eye of an experienced roofing contractor serving Peoria to find the subtle signs of damage or of impending problems. Your roofer will identify minute cracks, deviations in level, discoloration, and more that indicate signs of an underlying problem. You can then make immediate repairs to stop that damage from spreading, causing more problems for your property and costing you more money.

Your Gilbert roofer will also identify the signs that a problem could form, such as inappropriate installation of flashing that could lead to leaks and so on. Then you can make needed adjustments so that you don’t end up with costly damage later.

Protect Your Warranty

Your commercial roof comes with a warranty when it is installed. (If it didn’t come with a warranty, you likely didn’t hire a reputable Mesa roofing company to install it – or the previous owner didn’t.) The warranty will cover both the materials and the workmanship on the roof. If your roof fails or needs repair, it is likely that the warranty will cover it (depending on how old the roof is).

If you neglect your roof, you may void your warranty. You must get regular inspections to show that you are keeping up with the care of your roof. If you need to make a claim against your warranty, you’ll be able to do so. You won’t have to worry that you’ll be stuck with the bill.

Improve Security

Your commercial property likely has a lot of valuable stuff inside it. You could have expensive equipment or machinery, or you could have valuable intellectual property or data. Some people will look for any way they can to steal that property. Some will even come in through your roof. They can exploit openings like skylights and vents.

By getting a regular inspection, you can ensure that there are no such weaknesses to exploit. Your roofing contractor near Fountain Hills can identify issues like cracks around these openings, broken flashing, and so on, so that you can make the needed roof repair to strengthen your roof. Your contractor can also make recommendations to improve the security of your roof, such as by adding an alarm or a locked entry point.

A routine inspection ensures that your roof is in top shape so that it continues protecting your property. Your roofing contractors can identify issues that need correcting before they become bigger problems that require expensive roof repair. Those inspections will also help you to save money on potential repairs, and they’ll help you protect your warranty to save you even more money in the long run. If you get the inspections and follow the recommendations of the roofer, including making immediate repairs, you can extend the life of your roof, as well, saving yourself thousands on an early new roof installation in Phoenix.

If it is time for re-roofing, contact Canyon State Roofing and Consulting in Phoenix to talk about your commercial roofing options. Our experienced commercial roofing contractors can help you understand the best options for your property to give you superior energy efficiency and performance. We can perform re-roofing or a totally new roof installation. We can also identify and correct any issues that were causing problems on a previous installation, such as grading problems or weak support. Our goal is to help you get a strong roof to protect your commercial property for decades to come. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule an estimate with an experienced and licensed roofing contractor.

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