Roof Replacement on a Budget: Is It Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

How To Confirm Insurance Coverage For a New Roof

Replacing a roof in Phoenix can be one of the biggest expenses you have for your home. So if one of Phoenix’s famous monsoons were to roll through and damage your roof, you might think of it as a blessing in disguise. Now you can get your insurance to replace your roof so that you don’t have to – right? 

The answer isn’t a simple one. Your homeowner’s insurance may, in fact, pay to replace roofing by getting all the necessary items at roofing materials Melbourne. But, in some cases, it won’t. When it comes time for a new roof, call Roof Works of Wall NJ for your free estimate!

Here’s what you need to know about getting your Phoenix roof repair covered by your homeowner’s insurance: 

Worker performing roof replacement on a tile roof.

Understand The Requirements For Insurance To Pay For Your New Roof

Many insurance companies require you to take certain steps before they will authorize payment for your new roof. Unfortunately, they don’t just take your word for it that the roof was damaged in a storm and needs to be replaced. Many companies require you to contact several Mesa roofers to inspect your roof and provide an opinion about whether it needs to be replaced or can be repaired. In order to sign off on the  roof replacement in Mesa  , many insurance companies require that all the roofers – usually three – agree that the roof must be replaced and cannot be repaired and that the replacement is required because of the storm damage.

You will also need the roofers  to provide estimates for the roof replacement. You will need to submit all that documentation to your insurance company before you can get the approval you desire. 

Identify Insurance Policy Exceptions For Roof Repair Or Replacement

Your insurance policy may have several exceptions regarding roof repair or replacement. For example, your policy may not cover your roof after it has reached a certain age. Or you may be required to show proof of ongoing maintenance, such as yearly roof inspections, tree trimming, and gutter cleaning.

Check your policy or talk to your insurance agent to find out what exceptions there may be to your insurance policy. Then gather whatever evidence may be needed to ensure your roof is protected, such as your maintenance records. 

Check Policy For Additional Services Discover Additional Services Your Homeowners Insurance May Cover

The storm may have done more than damage your roof. It may have left huge holes that let in water, which create mold and mildew or other damage. Your insurance policy may cover additional services, like mold remediation, but your rep may not be so quick to tell you about it. So you need to make sure that you check your policy to ensure that all your needs are covered.

You should also check your policy to find out if your temporary living expenses are covered. You may not be be able to live in your home while your roof is being replaced. You will need to go to a hotel or other temporary lodging, and your insurance policy may cover these expenses. Look through your policy carefully to find out everything that you are entitled to during your roof replacement in Mesa

Replacing a roof can be very expensive, but if your roof was damaged by a storm or falling tree, you may not have to pay a cent for a new roof. You buy homeowner’s insurance for a reason, and many of these policies cover Phoenix roof repair or replacement in case of damage from a storm or a falling tree. You just need to educate yourself so that you know your rights and responsibilities when dealing with the insurance company. Otherwise, you may not be able to take advantage of the insurance coverage that you pay for and to which you are entitled. Always check the details of your policy. 

If your roof has been damaged by a storm or other natural elements, call Canyon State Roofing and Consulting to get an inspection and an estimate from one of our experienced and trusted Roofing Contractors in Arizona. We are an established Phoenix business with a reputation for quality workmanship and service, and we are experienced with working with insurance companies on storm damage and other claims. We can make the process easy for you and ensure that you get a great new roof to protect your home or business. We also offer emergency roof tarp service to protect your home while you are waiting for roof repair or a new roof installation. Contact us in Phoenix to schedule your estimate today.

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