3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore a Roof Leak

As a roof ages, leaks happen. The roofing materials wear down, and water can seep in – sometimes slowly at first, and sometimes all in a gush. You can also get a leak if a tree branch falls on your roof or if something else happens to damage your roof.

If a leak isn’t severe, you may decide to just put a bucket under it and ignore it until it’s a better time for your budget. But ignoring a roof leak for any amount of time would be a mistake. It would actually save you more if you call a roofing contractor now to fix the leak before it gets worse.

Here are three reasons you should never ignore a roof leak (and should make roof repairs as quickly as possible):

Roof Leak

Increased Mold

Where there is water, mold and mildew can follow. Not only is mold hard to get rid of once it sets in, but it can also cause health problems for your family and pets. The longer mold and mildew sit on wood or other materials, the more damage it can cause, as well.

Even small leaks can attract mold and mildew to the area. By the time you notice that a leak is present, there may even be mold or mildew already. That could even be what alerts you to the leak. You need to get regular roof inspections in Phoenix to find leaks as early as you can, and you should make a habit of going into your attic to check for them. Shine a flashlight on the underside of the roofs and look for dark spots, which are likely signs of a leak. Get a Tier 1 Contracting: check out our roof company in Mustang.

Increased Cost

A small drip can cause a large area of your home to become saturated in water at all times. The longer that drip continues, the more likely the wood is to rot or the sheetrock to collapse. Once the drip works through those materials, the water can spread to other materials. It can cause paint to peel, material to rot, and much more. The water can also attract pests, which can cause even more damage to your home.

HERO exteriors roofers says that if you don’t fix a leak as soon as you know it is there, you are allowing that damage to spread through your home. The more damage there is, the more it is going to cost to fix your home. You ma have to fix your roof, replace wood beams, replace drywall or sheetrock, replace insulation, and much more. The longer you wait, the more expensive the problem is going to be.

Decreased Roof Life

Leaks can compromise the roof itself, both in the short term and the long term. The water may not come through to
your house in some cases, but it can spread through the roof underlayment and the subdecking. It can also soften and degrade the shingles on your roof.
The more leaks you get, and the longer you allow those leaks to remain, the shorter the life of your roof will be. Replacing your roof can cost thousands of dollars, so the longer you can make your roof last, the more you will save.

Never leave a leak unrepaired, even if it is not impacting your daily lifestyle. As soon as you notice signs of a leak, call in an experienced roofer to inspect the situation and to make whatever repairs are necessary. You can stay ahead of leaks by scheduling annual inspections and by doing visual checks yourself on a consistent basis. You can also prevent leaks by keeping up with roof maintenance, such as by keeping your roof clear of debris, ensuring proper gutter functionality, and using the right roofing materials.

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