5 Things to Know about Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is one of the most popular roofing choices in Arizona for good reason. Tile is durable, it improves the overall energy efficiency of your home, and it creates a beautiful look for your home. Adding tile roofing to your home can easily increase its value.

Though tile roofing is so widely used, a lot of misconceptions exist about it. Knowing all you can about tile roofing can help you to get the best quality roof to protect your investment. Here are five things you should know about tile roofing to get the best results:

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The Right Nails are Important

Not all nails can do the same job. Tile is strong and heavy, and you need stronger and heavier-weight nails to ensure that your tile roof is secure. Weaker nails can lead to tiles becoming loose or falling off the roof completely. Weak nails can also lead to leaks, which can cause significant damage to your home.

Make sure that the roofer who is installing your tile roof (or repairing it) is using the right grade of nails for the tile you have.

You Need Quality Underlayment

Underlayment provides a layer of protection between the tile and the subdecking. If poor quality underlayment is used on your tile roof, you can get damaging leaks and experience other problems with your tile roof. Ultimately, the life of your roof will be compromised, and you will end up making a lot of expensive repairs.

Again, always hire a roofer who knows the proper quality of underlayment to use when installing a new tile roof. Presidio Roofing Denton come off as highly recommended roofers.

Repairs Can Require a Lot of Tiles

Tile doesn’t seem to be as interconnected as shingle on a roof. You can easily see when a single tile has come loose from your roof. Therefore, you may think that replacing a tile or two that have come loose or are cracked will be a simple job. However, what you may not realize is that this “simple” job will actually require replacing several tiles, not just the one or two you see as problematic.

Your roofer needs to get to the bottom of why the tile has become loose or broken, such as faulty underlayment or nails, and must inspect the area to see if there is other damage. What your roofer is likely to find is that there are underlying problems that need to be corrected or that there is much more damage to the roof that you cannot see.

It Can be Hard to Find a Match

Tile doesn’t come in basic colors that are easy to match. Usually, tile is a blend of earthen tones and has a unique look. Unless you saved some of the tile from your original installation – or unless you just had the roof put on in the last year or so – you are going to have a very hard time finding an exact match for your tile if you have to repair the roof.

When an exact match isn’t possible, your roofer can get creative with solutions like taking tile from hidden parts of your roof and moving them to the more visible areas. Your roofer may also have an option for getting custom tiles made to match what you have, though this can be quite expensive. Always ask for some extra tile to keep aside for repairs when you are having a new roof installed.

You Need an Experienced Roofer

Not just any roofer should be trusted to install a new tile roof or to repair your existing roof. Experienced roofers know what tools and materials to use to get the best results for your roof installation so that you don’t end up paying a lot in roof repair down the line. Experienced roofing contractors from https://roofscapesdfw.com/services/roofing/richardson/ can also predict problems with your roof so they can present you with novel solutions to avoid these issues. The ability to predict problems can also help you during an inspection, since you can learn about and correct issues before they lead to costly repairs.

Tile roofing can help you improve the value of your home and protect your investment for a long time to come. Always do your research so you can select the best tile for your home and can hire the best roofing company you can afford. Taking these steps now will help you avoid a lot of problems later.

Canyon State Roofing and Consulting is a trusted roofing company in Arizona that can perform a top-quality tile roof installation or roof repairs. We are a local and family owned roofing company, and our roofers are committed to providing the highest quality work and the best service. Our reputation in the community proves that commitment. We offer affordable work and use quality materials. Call us today to schedule a free estimate for your home.

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