5 Ways a New Roof Increase Your Home’s Selling Price

Top Reasons To Install a New Roof Before Selling Your House

Are you planning to sell your home soon? If that is so, you should know which upgrades are necessary to increase the selling price. A project you should not pass up is a new roof installation, as it can quickly put your home on the market. 

There are many reasons why a new roof can benefit any home, including better functionality and enhanced curb appeal. We brought you here some of these reasons so you can know what to do when calling a Sun City roofing contractor.

Installing a new roof from an Arizona roofing contractor

A Selling Point For Open Houses

Having new work done to your house is the best you can do before your real estate agent meets with potential buyers. Recent upgrades can benefit those who want to quickly move in without worrying about expensive repairs.

Besides, a new roof is notorious when it’s time for visits, so the potential buyers will consider it before entering the house. Just remember that a new roof can help with the price, so have all the documentation required to ease any concerns and justify the pricing of your house. 

Less Stress With Home Inspections

Home inspections can make or break the sale. If your house passes through home inspections and an appraisal is above the offer price, it can make a notorious difference in buying and selling.

If you don’t know how well your roof is, schedule an inspection before you get your home on the market. This inspection will give you better information about your roof’s condition, so you know if there are any repairs needed. 

You can schedule your roof inspection with a Queen Creek roofing company to ensure everything will be thoroughly reviewed. 

Functional Upgrades For Potential Buyers

Arizona is a state that sometimes suffers from high winds, monsoons, and heatwaves, so roofs can get severely damaged from these conditions. Therefore, if you ensure your new roof has high-quality materials, you will guarantee it will withstand potential harsh conditions, increasing your home’s value over other homes in the area.

If you see that other houses nearby may need a roofing upgrade, take a step ahead and upgrade yours! This will only increase your home’s safety and durability while improving the deal with potential buyers. 

Better Curb Appeal

In addition to functional upgrades, a new roof can enhance your home’s curb appeal instantly. If you can match the new roof with new paint and trim, your house can increase its value in a few weeks. 

While size, location, and house interior are all selling factors, curb appeal is the first thing potential buyers see, and curb appeal includes roofing. 

Add to your upgrade plan a new roof installation so you can improve the curb appeal and increase your home’s value without much effort. You can always contact a top-rated roofing company in Glendale to get the work done.

Better Competition In The Market

Potential buyers are always comparing homes and prices during their research, so anything that adds beauty to your home can make a big difference. If your house is in a place that has many newer homes, upgrades like re-roofing can help you compete with them. On the other side, if your house is located in an aging area, this major upgrade can instantly differentiate your house from others.

Is a New Roof Worth It When Selling The House?

While potential buyers may not pay more for a home with anything else than a new roof, they might choose it over a comparable home with a poor roof. Accordingly, if your house is on the market while other houses in the neighborhood are selling, an old roof may be the reason why buyers aren’t that interested.

Remember that your roof is also crucial in the curb appeal, or how the entree looks. Curb appeal is critical to getting buyers interested in a house because it is the first chance to impress them. 

In short, you should always consider a new roof installation before selling your house because it can make a big difference in the final price.  

Contacting a Reliable Phoenix Roofing Contractor 

Whether or not you are selling your home soon, sometimes installing a new roof is necessary. If you have doubts or concerns about your current roof, or you want to get ready for a new roof installation, contact Canyon State Roofing for any assistance. We can help you with any roofing project you have, including repairs and inspections, so contact us by email or phone to schedule a visit.

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