5 Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Your Commercial Roof

Your commercial roofing plays a critical role in your business – though you may not realize it. Your roof not only caps your property to create the aesthetic that will give clients their first impression, but it also protects your property against all kinds of damage, including from water, debris and pests. If your roof is not working properly, you will get leaks, bugs, holes in your ceiling, and more. Your roof also plays a significant role in how much energy your building uses, and a bad roof will end up costing you a lot of money in the long term.

If you are just moving into a new building, or if you know it’s time for re-roofing, you should talk to a roofing contractor in Phoenix about the best options for a new roof installation. Here are five things you’ll want to consider to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your commercial roof:



Some types of roofing are easier to install than others. Some roofing material is very heavy, and some roofing material requires a lot of steps to install. You should select a roofing material that will have a relatively easy installation to keep costs low.

Duro-Last roofing is one of the easiest commercial roofing types to install. It is manufactured to your building’s specifications, and the seams are sealed in a factory off-site. All the materials arrive on site ready to install, including the specialty points around chimneys and other equipment.

Local Weather

One roofing type that performs well in one location may not perform well in another, says one of the most popular emergency roof repair services in Denver. The weather in Phoenix is drastically different from the weather in Portland (Oregon or Maine), and you need a roof that can stand up to the conditions where you are.

In Phoenix, you need commercial roofing that will stand up to extreme heat, as well as damage from the monsoons, such as heavy water and debris being thrown on the roof by heavy winds. The roofing should also stand up to hail, which can come through with the monsoons, occasionally. In situation like this, you can call the roof hail damage services to do the job.

Energy Efficiency

A roof plays a big role in the energy efficiency of a property. With how big your commercial roof is, you need to pay careful attention to the energy efficiency of the roofing material or you’ll end up losing a lot of heat and cool air through the roof, and you’ll end up spending a lot more money on heating and cooling over the years.

You may pay a little more for an energy efficient roof, but you’ll get greater value from it since you’ll be saving significantly on energy costs.


A cheap roof is not always a good value. You might spend very little on the roof, but the roof may wear down quickly and be easily damaged and with roof repairs ipswich you can fix it before it gets worse. You will end up spending money constantly maintaining it and performing roof repair.

You need to balance the up-front cost and the ongoing costs of a roof to determine its value. You need a roof that will require little maintenance, such as Duro-Last roofing. You don’t want to take away time or money from running your business to be constantly dealing with your roof.

Life Span

Your roof should last decades. If you pay very little for a new roof installation, but you have to get another roof in five years, you haven’t gotten very much value out of that roof. But if you pay a little more and have a roof for another 20 or 30 years, you are getting great value out of that roof.

When you talk to your roofing contractor about the options, break the price down into a yearly price based on how long the roof is expected to last. You’ll quickly see what value it offers compared to the other options.

No one of these issues should make your decision about the best kind of commercial roofing for your property. But you should consider them all together to determine what roofing offers the most benefits to give you the best value for your investment. Your roofing contractor can give you advice for your property and help you understand how the different roofing types will benefit your business specifically.

Canyon State Roofing and Consulting can help you determine the best roof for your commercial property, taking into account your budget and the unique needs of your space. Our experienced roofing contractors can help you understand how the characteristics of different roofing materials can directly influence your building and your budget. Call us in Phoenix today to talk to a roofing contractor about your options for a new roof installation.

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