Commercial Roofing Leaks & Their Many Causes

If you want your commercial property to last for a long time and to save as much money as possible on maintenance and repairs, you should pay close attention to your commercial roof.
Your roof is your property’s first line of defense, and when it fails, the rest of your property is vulnerable to all kinds of damage.

Get a regular inspection from a qualified commercial roofing contractor in Arizona and pay close attention to the signs of problems between visits. Call a roofing company as soon as you notice signs of trouble. Otherwise, you may experience one of these common problems caused by commercial roofing leaks:

Commercial Roofing Leaks & Their Many Causes


Mold is an insidious problem. It starts without you realizing it, and by the time you notice it is there, it has typically already spread throughout your property. Plus, it gets into spaces that are hard to reach, making it very hard to remove. Mold can damage your property, and it can threaten the health of your employees and your customers.

Roof leaks can cause mold to form in your attic to start, but the constant moisture can create the perfect environment for mold as the leak spreads. You can get mold in your walls, in your insulation, and even under your floors. The mold can also get into your ductwork, which can cause the dangerous spores to be blasted into the air. You could try here for an early fix to all of this floor wise. If you’re looking for professional help with your home’s mold problem, you can check out this company, they serve all of Chicago.

Damaged Insulation

Even if your insulation manages to avoid becoming infested with mold, it can still become damaged by a roof leak. According to an Owens Corning fiberglass insulation supplier, most insulation is fiberglass insulation. It made of big, pillowy rolls of fibers that have air pockets throughout to trap air and to create a barrier to keep heat in or out. If the insulation gets wet, it will crumple, and those air pockets will be removed. Your insulation will become ineffective, and your energy bills will soar. When you have a large commercial property, you can expect those bills to go up astronomically.

In addition, wet insulation is heavy. Typically, that insulation is sitting on top of sheetrock or lightweight panels. Over time, the insulation could become heavy enough to fall right through your ceiling, creating a lot of damage and causing serious injury to employees and customers. Make sure to look for a commercial insulation service near you.

Rotted Wood

Constant exposure to water can make wood break down more quickly than anything else. Add heat or sunlight, and the process is going to accelerate. A roofing leak can get to wood inside your walls and under your floors, as well as wood that is holding up your walls and your ceilings. If that wood is rotting, your whole structure is compromised.

At a minimum, you can expect rotting wood to have to be replaced, along with any flooring, drywall, or ceiling connected to it. However, the longer a leak goes undetected, the more extensive the damage can be and the more you will have to spend. Catastrophic damages can occur when structural wood is compromised.

Don’t take any chances with your Arizona commercial roof. The consequences can be too great if you allow a roofing leak to go undetected or unrepaired. Schedule regular roofing inspections with a roofing contractor qualified and experienced with working with commercial roofs. Then stick to a routine maintenance schedule and make regular checks of the property. The more you can do to prevent roofing leaks, the better off you’ll be later, both financially and in terms of your own stress levels. You’ll also ensure a safe and professional-looking property to make the right impression on your employees and customers.

Call Canyon State Roofing today to schedule a commercial roofing inspection for your property. An experienced roofing contractor from our team will thoroughly inspect your roof and help you understand its overall condition and any immediate needs. If there is a leak present, your contractor can perform fast roof repair to protect your property and save you money. Your contractor can also work with you to create a regular schedule of maintenance to protect your roof and your property. If you need re-roofing, your contractor will make recommendations that would best serve your property and can perform the new roofing replacement. Call us in Phoenix today to learn more about your roofing options.

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