Foolproof Hacks to Keeping Your Commercial Roof Intact

Commercial roofs are different animals than residential roofs. They usually don’t have much pitch, they cover a much larger surface area, and they are often topped by heavy equipment. Not to mention the fact that they cover a property that likely has valuable merchandise and specialty equipment inside. Any leak could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in damage to both the property and the contents inside. 

It is critical that you keep your Phoenix commercial roofing in good shape. Call in a good roofing contractor in Phoenix to perform an annual inspection and to make any roof repair as soon as needed. Then follow these tips to keep your roof as healthy as possible between those visits: 

Commercial Roof repair in Arizona

Look Out for Pooling Water

Many commercial roofs are flat roofs, which means that they can’t rely on gravity to pull the water off the surface. Water is more likely to stay put, and over time, it can build up into puddles that just soak the roof. Over time, the weight of the water can cause stress on the roof that can lead to damage, or the water can degrade and penetrate the roofing materials. 

Keep an eye on your roof for any signs of pooling water. Your  Peoria roofing contractor may need to make adjustments, or may just need to check the health of your membrane to ensure that the roof is protected. 

Check for Water Spots and Mildew

Even if water doesn’t penetrate your roof, it can still cause damage. Water that hangs around on your roof can create constant moist conditions, which can lead to mold and mildew. That can allow additional damage to spread throughout your roof. 

Water spots and mildew are both signs that water damage might be present or that there is potential for other damage. If you notice water spots or mildew, call in a professional roofing contractors in Peoria  to take a closer look and make whatever adjustments or repair may be needed. 

Check for Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a common point for damage to occur on both residential and commercial roofing. Flashing is installed anywhere there are items that intersect the roof, such as vents and skylights. It’s important that you keep an eye on these areas for signs of problems before damage has a chance to spread. 

It’s not a good idea to get on top of your commercial roof and look for damaged flashing yourself. Instead, you should hire a Phoenix roofing contractor to perform a regular inspection for you. 

Investigate Vents

Vents intersect your roof, providing many opportunities for damage. The flashing around the vents can fail, as can seals, which can allow water to penetrate the roof. Pests and water can also come in through the vents themselves if they malfunction. 

It can be hard to know what you’re looking for if you try to inspect your vents yourself, and again, you shouldn’t be on top of your roof anyway. Hire a professional roofer in Phoenix to inspect your vents, along with the rest of your roof, at least once a year. 

Inspect the Roof Membrane

Flat roofs have a sealing membrane that helps protect them from rain and other damaging elements. Over time, that membrane will break down from constant UV exposure and water penetration. It’s important to identify degradation of the membrane before it allows damage to spread through the roof. 

You aren’t likely to know what you’re looking for if you inspect the roofing membrane yourself, so it’s important that you get regular inspections. You should also stick to a schedule of sealing your roof to prevent this kind of degradation. 

Your commercial roof is different than your residential roof. It has special features, and it has particular vulnerabilities. Work with an experienced   roofing contractor serving in Peoria to get regular inspections and maintenance for your roof. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and hassle over time. 

Canyon State Roofing offers commercial roof repair and new roof installation in Phoenix. Our roof contractors are experienced and highly skilled, and they can ensure that your roof stays in top condition to protect your property and save you from costly repairs. Should your roof near the end of its lifespan, our contractors can perform a new roof installation that will protect your property for many decades to come. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we guarantee our work. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation with a trusted roofing contractor. 

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