How Attic Insulation Contributes To The Performance Of Your Roof

The Importance Of Regularly Inspecting Your Roof’s Insulation & Ventilation

The quality of your roofing materials have a big impact on the performance and longevity of your roof. But they do not work alone to protect your roof. You also need proper insulation and ventilation to protect your roof, as well as the energy efficiency of your home. If either of those is not right, your roof could suffer big problems, including needing frequent repairs and having a shortened life span.

The right balance of proper insulation and ventilation helps to control temperature and ensure healthy air flow. If the insulation or ventilation is off, the attic space can trap heat, which can melt ice on the roof and cause it to re-freeze in another location, creating an ice dam that prevents water runoff and causes water damage. Poor insulation or ventilation can also cause moisture to be trapped in the attic, leading to rotting wood and a premature failure of the roofing materials. It can also lead to the development of mold and mildew, as well as interior damage.

Professional Roof Inspections In Phoenix, AZ

A routine inspection from a qualified roofing contractor will include an inspection of the insulation and ventilation for your roof. Everything may look fine with your roof, but if either the insulation or the ventilation is off, you’ll be looking forward to a future full of roof repair.

How Insulation & Ventilation Work Together

Insulation and ventilation work together to protect your roof and your property. If one is not working, then the other will not work as well. There is a simple ABC criteria for what is needed for ventilation: Ample Amount, Balance, and Control of Air Flow.

“Ample Amount” refers to the amount of vents that are provided for the space, and “Balance” refers to having the right number of intake and outtake vents. “Control of Air Flow” is where insulation comes in. Insulation helps to keep cool air from escaping during the summer and warm air from escaping during the winter. Sealing air leaks will also be essential to ensuring proper control of air flow, in addition to having the right insulation.

Qualities For Proper Insulation

Getting the right insulation is largely a matter of getting the right R-value. R-value refers to the thermal resistance of the insulation. The higher the R-value, the more protection the insulation will offer. The R-value can be determined by the thickness of the insulation or the quality of the material.

Minimum R-values depending on where you live and on your property’s characteristics. An experienced Mesa roofing contractor can help you determine the right insulation needed for your property.

Adding Insulation To Your Attic

If your attic space is currently unfinished, you may not have insulation. Many homeowners also have less insulation in their attic because they don’t spend time in the space and don’t consider it important to temperature control the space. However, it is important to not only insulate the space, but to ensure that there is enough insulation so that it helps to properly control the airflow in your home and under your roof.

A certified roofer can help you determine how much insulation you need in your attic to get the results you want. Your Phoenix roofing contractor can also inspect your ventilation and your roofing materials to see if any improvements or repairs need to be made. Then you can ensure that all three elements are working together so that you have the right foundation for optimal roof health.

Contact Phoenix’s Leading Roofing Company

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