Roof Insulation and the Importance It Plays in Your Home

You know how important your roof is to your home. If something goes wrong with your roof, you will have water pouring through the ceiling and mold spreading through the house. You’ll have expensive roof repair bills, and you’ll be looking at a shorter roof life.

However, you may not realize how important your roof insulation is to your home (click for more information on that). According to this services ranked as a top attic insulation installer in Texas says even if you have a great roof, if you have poor insulation, your home can experience a lot of problems. Here are a few ways that your roof insulation can impact your home:


Regulate Energy Consumption

Much of the heat in your home escapes through your roof. Cold and hot air can also come in through your roof, making your heating and cooling system have to work harder. Some specific types of parquet floors help retain heat, but they’re inefficient in doing so. With poor insulation, your home is going to burn through electricity, sending your utility bills sky high. With great insulation, you can maximize your home’s energy efficiency and keep your energy bills as low as possible.

You can evaluate your home’s insulation by its R rating. Ask your roofing contractor in Phoenix to inspect the insulation and make recommendations for improvement. You can also tell that it might be time to consider new insulation if your energy bills have been increasing.

Prevent the Growth of Mold

Even small leaks in your roof can allow water to penetrate. A damp, dark spot is the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow and spread. Not only can that cause damage to your home, but it can also threaten the health of your family.

Your insulation won’t stop water from coming in if your roof has been damaged. However, it can control the temperature in your roof space so that it doesn’t become too humid, which can also cause moisture to build up in the space. The right insulation will keep moisture off the interior framework and other elements in your roof and ceiling. You’ll protect the materials in your home and maintain a safe air quality for your family and guests.

Improve Fire Safety

One of the worst things that can happen is that your property catches on fire. Depending on the materials used in your property, the fire can be minimized or it can be made worse.

Insulation can play a big role in the spread or dampening of a fire. Insulation that is made with fire-retardant materials can stop a fire from igniting the roof, helping to keep the fire under control while also protecting your roof and saving you’re a lot of money. Insulation that is not made of these protective materials will ignite and spread the fire straight through the roof. You’ll end up with far more damage on your hands, and you’ll be looking at a new roof installation on top of all your other home repairs.

Insulation can be a lot more important to your home than you realize. Insulation throughout your home can help to maintain the temperature inside, helping you to lower your overall energy bills and keep moisture out. Insulation in your roof is even more important since so much of your energy is lost through the roof and moisture is more prevalent here. Talk to a roofing contractor about the insulation used in your roof and whether you need to make some changes. You might consider replacing just the insulation, or you may want to replace the insulation along with re-roofing your house, getting the maximum benefits for your property.

Contact Canyon State Roofing and Consulting in Phoenix for a roof and insulation inspection. Our contractors are residential roofing experts, and they can help you understand how your insulation and roofing materials are impacting your home and whether you need to make changes. We can handle roof repair and re-roofing, depending on what your roof needs. We are a local roofing company trusted by residents and businesses alike thanks to our exceptional workmanship and professional service. We are committed to helping your home be the best it can be and ensuring that your roof offers the maximum protection. Call us in Phoenix today to talk to a roofing contractor or to schedule an inspection for your home.

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