Inspecting your Phoenix Roof For Damage After Sunday’s Earthquake

How to inspect your Phoenix roof for repairs after Sundays Arizona earthquake A rare event occurred when Arizona got hit by a mid-range earthquake on Sunday, November 1st 2015. While some Phoenix area residents, slept through the quake, many did not and were consequently worried about possible damage to their homes and roofs. To assist home and business owners in the Phoenix area, we have compiled an emergency roofing checklist to determine whether your roof is still in good shape or if you should call a Phoenix roofing contractor as soon as possible.

Here are signs to look out for, when inspecting your roof after an earthquake:

External House/Structure Check

While the earthquake was a fairly moderate one, with only limited damages reported, it is always a great idea to walk the perimeter of your home or business and check the outside of your building structure for signs of damage such as collapsing parts, foundation shifts or leaning. Leaning is probably best observed from a distance, so walk down the street to do this.

Damage to the building usually shows up as cracks on walls. Maybe, your home already had some cracks, if you can, check if they have gotten bigger; especially around doors and windows. And while you are already taking a closer look, check on the mortar as well: is it crumbling or separating? Both could be signs of Arizona earthquake roof damage.

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Fireplace/Chimney Check

If you have a fireplace you may want to check the chimney for cracks, gaps or unexplained debris in your fireplace. If you suddenly seem to be able to hear more of what is going on outside your home, consider calling your local roofing contractor to examine the roof and determine whether the chimney has cause damage to the roof.

Inside Check

The inside of your home or business can clue you in about possible earthquake damage as well. Much like a car that has been in an accident, you should check doors and linear rail windows to determine if they still open and close as they did before. They can be indicative for foundation problems, as can drafty windows which
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works on, misaligned piping, sewer drain issues, gas pipe issues and more.
When your Phoenix house is shaken, so is your roof. Sometimes that damage doesn’t show up for weeks, or maybe a rain shower, when you suddenly notice dark stains on walls and ceilings or maybe even a musty odor. To make sure that the roof leaks are fixed professionally and without causing any more problems, contact your local roof repair contractor. He can tell you about the extend of the damage and decide on the best course of action.

During the quake shingles on your Phoenix roof may have become loose, tiles cracks and underlayment compromised. Your expert roofer can fix all these issues for you and make sure that your roof remains strong and protective.

Also check your utilities, meaning, make sure your water heater is not leaning like the tower of Pisa or that broken pipe won’t turn your home into the streets of Venice.
As minor as this quake may have been, it still had the potential to cause quite a bit of damage, which sometimes takes weeks to show up.

To ensure that your house and roof are still in top shape, follow this FEMA approved check list and call your trusted local Mesa roofing professional to inspect your roof for damages.

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