Roofing Options for Commercial Properties

Maintenance is especially important for a commercial property. Extensive repairs can eat into your bottom line, and some damage could even make you liable for the injuries that occur as a result. Plus, if your property looks shoddy, it will give customers the wrong impression of the kind of service or workmanship you offer.

Your roof is perhaps the most important part of your commercial property. It keeps out elements that can cause damage to your property. Good Contractor services often improve your property’s energy efficiency, which can save you money.

roofing options for commercial properties

You need to choose a roof that is durable, energy-efficient and attractive to provide the most benefits. It is important that you talk to your commercial roofing contractor in Gilbert about the options that will best suit your individual property. Here are a few options you might consider:


Foam is a popular commercial roofing option because it can be applied to commercial flat roofs, which are popular on stores, office buildings and other commercial properties. Commercial foam roofing is sprayed on as a liquid that soon dries hard. Once it has cured, the foam provides an impenetrable seal against water and other elements, and it makes your property more energy efficient.

Foam roofing has to be recoated at least every five to 10 years, though many recommend recoating more frequently than that. If you do not keep up with the right recoating schedule, your roof will become vulnerable, and it could require extensive repairs or even replacement.

According to a commercial roofing contractor, foam roofing cannot be applied on roofs with pitch, so this option is not appropriate for all commercial properties.


DuroLast roofing is another options for flat roofs. It is a single-ply roofing system that requires absolutely no maintenance and is highly durable. This superior roofing option can stand up to Arizona’s harsh summers, including the intense UV rays, high heats, and high winds and hail that accompany monsoons. It will protect your property and save you money on maintenance, repairs and early replacement.

DuroLast is the commercial roofing option that we recommend. It is also Energy Star qualified, and it is the top choice for energy efficient and green roofing options. We are one of the few commercial roofing contractors that is certified to install this roofing system.

Duro-Last PVC Roof | Canyon State Roofing


Commercial metal roofing is a good choice for properties that have some pitch. Metal is quite durable, and it will have a life span of many decades if you care for it properly. You don’t have to worry about rust unless you get materials that have not been properly treated.

Metal roofs reflect the rays of the sun well, so they will keep your property cooler even during the brutal summer months in Arizona. Your air conditioner without a 12x25x1 air filter won’t have to work as hard, so you’ll save money on your energy costs. Metal roofs are also fire-resistant, which comes in handy during those blazing summer months and the monsoon season.

The downside to metal roofs is that they can be quite loud during rain storms. You may not want to choose metal if you have a property that frequently hosts clients.


Commercial tile roofing is popular in Arizona for both residential and commercial facilities. Not only does tile look beautiful with the Arizona desert landscape, but it is also durable and energy-efficient. It has a life span of about 50 years, depending on what material type you choose, as well.
Tile will require a bit more maintenance than these other roofing types, so you will need to weigh the costs and time commitment involved. It’s best to talk with a commercial roofing contractor about exactly what to expect for your property type.


Shingle is perhaps the most popular type of roofing material thanks to its low overall cost and versatility. While it can be flexible, it isn’t suitable for flat roofs, which are common on commercial properties.

Shingle can also break down more quickly than other roofing types, especially under high heats and in intense rain storms. High winds can blow shingles off, and that can leave the roof vulnerable to leaks and other damage. You have to get regular inspections of a shingle roof and make frequent repairs to keep it in shape, compared with other roofing types.

a roofing option for the hilton garden inn done by canyon state roofingThe best way to figure out the right commercial roofing type for your property is to talk with an experienced contractor who can walk you through the options and talk with you about the pros and cons of each for your particular property. Canyon State Roofing is experienced at installing and repairing all types of roofing, but we specialize in DuroLast. We are a certified DuroLast installer in Arizona, which is a designation that few commercial roofing contractors are given. Call us today to learn more about DuroLast or your other commercial roofing options.

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