Can a Shingle Roof Installation Boost Your Home’s Value?

How a Shingle Roof May Increase Your Property’s Value In Arizona

Shingle roofing is one of the most common residential roofing options. Not only is it one of the most affordable roofing options, but it is also beautiful and versatile. Shingle can go nicely with just about any house style, and it comes in a wide variety of colors to get the look you want.

When it’s time to re-roof your home, you may be thinking of issues like roof maintenance, cost, or look, but you should also be thinking about how the roof will impact the value of your home. If you choose wisely and take the right steps, shingle roofing can boost the value of your home. Here’s what you need to consider:

How a Shingle Roof May Increase Your Property's Value In Phoenix, AZ

Shingle Types

Not just any shingle will serve your home well or look good. And not just any shingle will improve the value of your property. You need to avoid the bargain basement shingles you’ll find at your local home improvement store and opt for the best quality shingles that you can afford.

Choose shingles that are made of high-quality materials so they will last longer and give your home better protection. Choose shingles with interesting design and color to complement your home. Work closely with your Mesa roofer to determine what the best shingles are for your property, both in terms of quality and in design.

Get a Professional Roof Installation

Even the best shingles will fail your home if they are not installed properly. You need to work with an experienced, reputable, and licensed roofer who will install the shingles properly for maximum protection and a long life span. Look for a Phoenix roofer that specializes in shingle roofing and who has a reputation for consistent, high-quality results.

Spend some time researching your options before you hire a roofer. Don’t just look at the website and take the information there at face value. Check the online reviews. Talk to people who have worked with the roofer before. Check out examples of the roofer’s work (if possible). Check up on the roofer’s credentials, including the licensing and insurance. Make sure that you are hiring the best roofer you can to get the best results for your home.

Shingle Roof Maintenance

You might decide that you want to re-roof your home right before you sell it. In that case, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance. But in many cases, you are thinking ahead when you re-roof. You are doing it because your home needs it, but you also want to make a decision that will improve the value of the home in case you decide to sell in the future or want to draw on your equity.

You will need to maintain your shingle roof if you want it to keep boosting the value of your property. You can make it easy for yourself by talking to your roofer about setting up a routine maintenance plan. If you prefer to do it yourself, make sure you are staying on schedule and that you are getting an annual roofing inspection.

Shingle roofing may be the affordable option, but that doesn’t mean that it’s “cheap” or low value. You can dramatically increase the value of your home with the right shingle roofing and the right Queen Creek roofer installing it. You can create a beautiful new look for your home, and you can increase its protection and energy efficiency. Just be sure that you hire the right roofer and that you choose the right shingles. Then keep them maintained to preserve the results you get and keep your roof and your home in top shape.

Hire a Qualified Shingle Roofer In Phoenix

Call Canyon State Roofing and Consulting today if you are ready for a new roof. Our experienced roofers are experts in shingle roofing, and they will help you select the best shingle for your home, both in terms of quality and of the overall look. Our roofers can repair and maintain your shingle roof after it is installed also. Canyon State Roofing and Consulting has been in business for over 20 years, and we have earned a reputation for our commitment to service and our dependable, high-quality results. Contact us today to meet with a roofer and learn more about your options for shingle roofing.



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