The Many Advantages Of Installing a Flat Roof

7 Benefits Of Having a Flat Roof For Your Commercial Building

Is your commercial building ready for a new roof? Maybe you’ve been putting off the project because it feels overwhelming and you aren’t sure which option is best for your building. Although you could choose a simple replacement with a new roof in the same style, sometimes changing your roof shape is a better option. Learn more about the advantages of a flat roof from a quality Queen Creek roofing company.

Understanding The Importance Of Keeping Your Asphalt Roof Maintained 7 Benefits Of Having a Flat Roof For Your Commercial Building In Arizona

Reduced Cost

Business owners know that smart financial decisions are vital. Although a new roof is an expensive investment, you may be surprised to learn that a flat roof can be much less costly than a pitched one. In the end, it will come down to which Mesa roofing contractor you hire, the quality of the materials, and your roofer’s overall skill. You’ll want to hire someone who has knowledge and skills to install a prefabricated flat roof that is resistant to leaks, fire, and high winds. Many types of flat roof materials are Energy Star approved and will save your company money in reduced utility bills and energy efficiency.

Better Use Of Space

Many businesses need every inch of space in their commercial building, especially if they are running big equipment or have significant storage needs. A flat roof maximizes the space in your building because there is no pitching taking away your indoor space. You’ll also have the option of using your flat roof as an employee break area, for gardening, or other functions that increase your employee’s productivity and job satisfaction.

Hide Unattractive HVAC Systems

Commercial HVAC systems are not known for their attractiveness, but they are an obvious necessity. If you have a flat roof, you can install your HVAC units up out of sight, making the grounds around your building more attractive to customers and vendors. Putting your HVAC units on the roof still leaves them easily accessible for maintenance. You’ll also benefit from reduced risk of damage or petty theft of copper from your expensive units. Plus, rooftop HVAC systems have potential energy savings and are much less noisy. If you want to hide your HVAC system, a flat roof is the top choice.

Installation Is Fast & Easy

Roof installations have a reputation for being smelly, loud, and messy. You may even wonder if you should close your business for a few days due to the disruptions for your customers and employees. With a flat roof, Sun Lakes new roof installation can be done quickly and easily with minimal mess. There’s no harsh chemicals or suffocating asphalt smell lingering in the air and few disruptions. If you opt for a prefabricated flat roof, you can also avoid dust, debris, and falling shingles, since the new roof can be installed directly over the old one.

Solar Panels Become An Option

It’s not impossible to install solar panels on a pitched roof, but getting maximum benefit from them can be difficult. A flat roof gives you the option to manipulate the position of your solar panels so they can absorb sunlight for the majority of the day, giving you a better return on your investment.

Improved Durability & Ease Of Maintenance

With a flat roof from Phoenix residential roofing, you can enjoy the savings and advantages of durable material that need very little maintenance, plus a generous warranty plan in case anything goes wrong. Roofing material quality continues to improve, providing increased strength and durability against the elements. Flat roofs are built to provide long life with a perfect fit and quality that is ready to withstand the Arizona sun. They are also extremely easy to access and maintain!

No Worries About Drainage

A common concern about flat roofing is how to properly drain water. During the installation process, interior drains are carefully placed in strategic areas so that all rainfall is diverted into a gutter system that will move moisture away from your building. Many business owners take advantage of this eco-friendly system by using the collected rainwater for decorative fountains, plants, and even for flushing the toilet!

Flat Roofs Offer Many Benefits

There are many advantages to installing a flat roof on your commercial building, including cost savings, increased space, and easier maintenance. Ask your Mesa roofing contractor if a flat roof is the right choice for your building.

Quality Flat Roofs In Phoenix

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