5 Important Questions to Ask Your Roofer during a Re-Roofing

When I saw a damaged roof I looked into Transition Roofing and i thought about this services to install a new roof installation which offers the perfect opportunity to make some big changes to your home. Not only do you have the opportunity to improve the aesthetic profile of your home, but you also have the opportunity to ensure that your home is well-protected and is operating at its best performance.
You should take time to find the best roofing company in Phoenix to do the work, and you should ask a lot of questions and carefully look at the details when planning out your new roof. Here are five important questions you should be asking your roofer for your re-roofing:

Is there Proper Ventilation?

Leaks are not the only source of moisture damage to your roof. If you have improper ventilation, not only will you struggle to keep your energy bills down, but you’ll also end up with too much humidity in your attic space – and possibly water damage and mold.
Before your new roof goes on, find out if you need to make any changes to the ventilation. Now is the perfect time to do that. You already have a roofer working on the space, so you can keep costs low by combining the jobs. Plus, you won’t have to do any reconstruction by deciding to take care of the ventilation later.

Do I Need an Airtight Chimney Cap?

If you have a fireplace in your home, you need to pay attention to what’s at the top of your chimney. Rain and pests can easily enter your home through the chimney opening, causing a lot of damage. But even if you have a chimney cap, it may not offer the protection your home needs. It may still be letting in elements that are slowly damaging your home.
Ask your Phoenix roofer if you have an airtight chimney cap to provide your home with maximum protection. The airtight cap will also improve your home’s energy efficiency, keeping your costs lower. If you don’t have one, ask your roofer about installing one during the re-roofing.

Do I Need Eave Flashings to Prevent Ice Dams?

When your gutters get clogged with leaves, the water coming off your roof can pool there instead of flowing away from your house. When the temperatures drop in the winter, that water can freeze and cause an ice dam, which can cause significant damage to the edge of your roof.
Eave flashing can prevent the formation of ice dams and can provide a waterproof barrier that prevents water from getting under your shingles. Find out if your home has them, and if not, talk to your roofer about installing them with the new roof in Phoenix.

Can I Get Lower-Maintenance Gutters?

According to Christchurch based cleaning company, cleaning and maintaining gutters can be a real pain. You can get seamless gutters, which are less likely to clog or to break down and are much easier to clean. Talk to your Phoenix roofing contractor about the best options for your property. With upgraded gutters, you’ll not only be saving yourself a lot of time on maintenance, but you’ll also save money on future repair costs.

What is the Energy Efficiency of My New Roof?

Your roof plays a major role in the energy efficiency of your home. The more energy efficient your roof is, the more energy efficient your home is. That means that you’ll spend less money over time on electricity, as well as heating costs.

Make sure you talk to your roofing contractor about the energy efficiency of your roof. Talk about ways that you can improve the efficiency without increasing your budget too dramatically. Get the best bang for your buck that you can.

Of course, you want your new roof to look good, but you should think deeper when it comes to your new roof installation. According to professionals like the Roofing Contractors Sioux Falls SD, the roof should serve multiple purposes, helping to protect your home and to keep your costs low. Make sure you talk to your roofer about these and other issues before you finalize your re-roofing plan.

Canyon State Roofing and Consulting can help you get the perfect roof for your Phoenix home. Our residential roofing experts know the right materials to use for your property and for the Phoenix climate. We’ll help you get a roof that not only looks great, but that also maximizes the energy efficiency of your home and offers it long-lasting protection. Contact us in Phoenix today to learn more about our re-roofing services or to schedule an estimate for your new roof installation.

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